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Work Life Balance

February 16, 2019 Comments Off on Finding a work-life balance. Views: 196 Cities & Lifestyle

Finding a work-life balance.

Sleeping till the clock strikes 10 in the morning, or spending weekends lying like a sloth on a couch? Well, you are clearly lacking a work-life balance in your life. In a survey done by Harvard Business School, it’s found that colossal 94% of working professionals work 50 hours per week and half of them even reported working more than 65 hours per week.  

Maintain balance between work and life

The numbers are certainly damaging and the ever-increasing stress in one’s life can affect relationships, health and of course happiness. For those who find happiness in work also need a break from work and need balance in their lives. To make an exception and be elite amongst lazy sloths, there are those strong-willed souls who eat healthily, exercise and meditate regularly. 

We all aspire to be like them, don’t we? So, if on New Year’s Eve, you made a drunken resolution to enjoy, don’t let it fade away and work towards striking an ‘I M possible’ work-life balance. 

Give your wellbeing a little boost along with your work.

Stop keeping a check on your emails

Oh, that sound of a ding on your phone every now and then is a bloodsucker. Email notifications from your bosses even after work hours steal away your peace of mind. Not everyone is gifted with a chilled out attitude and carefree behavior. 

work life balance-Stop checking email

For those who have a habit of incessant checking of emails and social media, please know that it will only add to your stress rather than productivity. It is both for the employee and the bosses.  Live and let live!!

Perfection is god-gift but does not run after it

Overachievers at a young age of ’20s tend to attain perfection and lose their minds by the end of it. Most of them are even smart who work just as much as needed and save time for things like gym, yoga, socializing and hobbies. 

Let go perfectionism

Well, that is something should be termed as perfection and not the weekly goals that have to be achieved according to your bosses and work culture. Growing up isn’t easy, life is too complicated to find perfection in everything. Mere as a habit of being perfect at everything could be frustrating and destructive if you lose check on it. 

So, avoid burning out and let go of perfectionism every time and with everything. Neurologically and psychologically, it becomes hard to hold in your closed palms. Live healthy not perfectly!

 Work smart, everyone else is working hard

From TV sets to watches to Mobiles, everything is working smart these days, why not you? Many supermen and women who claim to sleep 3 to 4 hours per day are idealized by the young generation these days. Rather than getting enough sleep, they try to train themselves to sleep less and achieve bigger goals. Well, that is difficult to understand!

Work smart not hard

Productivity does not come out of working for long hours but by practicing smart work. Prioritize, calculate the time per task and get involved entirely and do not get caught up in less productive activities like useless meetings, making weekly plans, etc. 

Do not deviate from the official line by speaking at length in loud confidence and tones in unstructured office meetings that come up from anywhere.  Rest and relax your mind in such a situation and save the better for later official work. 

Unplugging is a good idea

In a tightly connected world, cutting ties with a world that never sleeps is difficult. Cutting ties with the world around you from at equal intervals is good to recover from weekly stress. Your mind is always on even in your sleep so that is certainly not enough to rest your constantly working brain.  

work life balance-Unplugging is good

To put it simply, meditate, indulge in gardening, dance, take a walk, read a good book or have sex. Yes, for your mind to take a break, it is important to cut ties with everything around you even it is for a few minutes. Even 10 minutes of unplugging are enough for your mind to unplug and shut your mind down so fresh thoughts and ideas come up. 

Give time to your health

The constant anxiety, everyday struggle to cope up, or sometimes depression can take over you in a hectic schedule. Pay attention to what is fine and what is going wrong in the line and if it is your health, it is a major concern. But, even if everything is fine and your health is doing just fine, don’t be afraid to call it off from work for a regular check-up. 

work life balance-Give time to your health

If you are healthy, remember, you will only be a better employee and a better person. A healthy person tends to create a better work-life balance in his or her life. 

Don’t be available 24×7

Know your worth. You are much more than a 9 to 5 robot. One way to avoid being relentlessly available is to not read your emails immediately. Take time and make this habit of your too clear to your bosses and your colleagues. And if your office people love to send text for works, be lazy to reply. 

Don’t be available 24x7

Immediate replies and reading a text could trouble you by broadcasting your availability. You need to make it clear that you’re not incessantly available for work queries outside working hours. Admittedly, that’s easier said than done. 

Do what you love

It is always good to indulge in something you love. Indulge in some recreational activity and give it all the time it deserves. Recreate, refresh and revive from the hectic work schedule and nurture yourself.

Take a break

Quarterly or even half-yearly holidays away from your city could be rejuvenating and helpful in finding a work-life balance when you come back. Thanks to our diverse culture, we are blessed with many long weekends in a year. Short or long weekend vacations bring you back better and fueled enough to work energetically the entire month. Holidays are always good and help you attain lost energies.

work life balance-Take a break

See, striking a work-life balance isn’t that a bigger task, you just need to take care of yourself and people around you. A few short breaks, some exercise, healthy food, and periodic unplugging could certainly be of great help. With baby steps, dare for a bigger change!!  

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