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February 13, 2015 Comments (0) Views: 1767 Homesfy Blog

When the going gets tough: 9 simple ways to pull up every time you fall

“Never, never, never give up”—Winston Churchill

 Ice age Continental Drift- Scrat and the walnut. Rings any bell? When we  work towards any goal, chances are we would make mistakes. These mistakes teach us who we are, what we want to be and what it needs to be successful. These slipups are an ordinary part of human development; any successful man has made his or her fair share of blunders. The takeaways from these mistakes, though, are some of the most vital lessons we learn as we pursue our journey.

  1. Learn to cope with change.


Failing to acclimate to changes you cannot foresee is a mistake that can certainly cost you. This holds true for changes of any extent; indeed, the small, steady evolutions are just as imperative as the hasty ones.

2.Nothing can stop you


She was deaf, she was blind. She had a passion to listen to woes of people, she had a passion to read, and she craved to write. And today, history celebrates her name in gallantry. She was Helen Keller. This is enough to inspire your instincts-you might have a bad time, but imagine if it is to last forever. Have the guts to enjoy every single moment and come out in flying colors.

  1. Be a Foreseer


Take some time out of your day to foresee, as well all of the factors that could yield one result or better, and you’ll spontaneously find yourself more primed for the future challenges. More significantly, always keep your eyes engrossed on what is imminent.

  1. The 2 “P”s


You cannot evade a pothole without scouting the terrain before you. Dealing with change is nothing but an equal mix of preparation and perception, with both calling for the right attitude to move onward.

  1. Keep an open mind to new opportunities.


Once you’ve organized yourself for the inexorable shifts in your life, start welcoming these changes like old friends. In the wake of change often lies fresh leeway, and being open to change discloses these opportunities that would else never be discovered.

  1. Look with a broader perspective.


While it is essential to handle the day-to-day work of your job with emphasis and skill, it is also essential to think about where you are directed every once and a while. Viewpoint is one the most important factor in analysing your standing towards success, and allowing yourself to zoom out is an important part of achieving success.

  1. Envision your current state


Envision how your current state fits into the larger depiction of your goal, and use thebroadened perspective to update your short-term moves. If you focus only on day-to-day functions, you may make moves that harvest short-term gains at the cost of long-term plans.

  1. Letting go


“What’s done is done” has been a prosaicism you might have fought in many aspects of your life. Quite often, letting go could be one of the hardest things to do. But people have done it, and they continue to do. Just imagine what would have happened if Mark Zuckerberg continued to carry the scars of the legal battle and wouldn’t step forward – We probably won’t have Facebook today. Let go, it’s time to move on.

9. Accept


Making mistakes doesn’t make you stupid. Accept it and move ahead. We have a propensity to blame ourselves, or have faith in ourselves to be stupid for committing mistakes. But this solely is wrong. When we identify our mistakes, we can course-correct. If we want to carry on. Mistakes are learning exercises. Those who cannot accept it, those who ‘never failed’, are the ones who never tried.


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