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February 12, 2015 Comments (0) Views: 2103 Homesfy Blog

Valentine’s day: Dedicating one day to your loved ones



The Valentine’s love fest is in full effect. You see, it’s so easy to get enveloped up in the concept that love is just about “GIFTING” and “BEING GIFTED”. Flowers, diamonds, costly perfumes, and telling you that you’re “the one”.But that isn’t actually how you celebrate the day of love. These are expressions of love in a monetary form, not the crux of love. You would be surprised how little it takes to say “I care”.


The truth is, even these expressions have to stanch from a tradition that follows valentines – the air that flows – the mails that shoot up in your mailbox – “Valentine’s day Sale: 50% off”. The point is, we already have all of the love we could ever want or desire – inside of us.

Instead of calling, punching the whatsapp keys, facebook’ing’ and twitter’ing’, plunging on luxuries and materials, nestle cozily in your space. Set aside your electronics. Breathe. Close your eyes and try to escape from just everything that comes in your mind. Sit there until you feel all set to get up yet again. Now you are the real “YOU”. Give love. Dedicate this day to spending quality time, doing what you like, loving yourself, showing how special each of the loved ones in your have been, love the lovelorn, the ones who really need it. You would be surprised how little it takes to say “I care”.

Once you’re done, plan your day ahead with your family and loved ones. You’re now ready to live through the truest form of love and celebrate an amazing valentine’s day!

Experience the apex Of “LOVE”

old age 2

This Valentine’s Day, spare your time and love for those who can really make you feel special, really touch your hearts. Show your love for the world we live in, show your love to the people who face its paucity. Go to an orphanage and spend time with bunch of lively kids, share knowledge, give comfort to the elderly, feed and caress the strays. Give them as much as you can, in kind, they would love it. And you, feel the joy.

That’s how we roll!


Skip the fancy parties, congested restaurants noisy streets. Ask yourself a true question-“Do you really feel comfortable? Does any of this act give you solicitude?” You would enjoy the time spent in the kitchen, cooking, giggling, humming with your loved ones, in anticipation of relishing the wonderful meal you have put together. Avoid being too fancy. Use organic ingredients and locally available fresh items.

Melting Pot of Love


Whether you already have a pet, need a pet or just want to care about homeless pets, there are lots of ways to show your love for animals this Valentine’s Day. Give them food, arrange for their shelter and spend some time caressing and playing. The results are way too liberating to be put into words.

Get creative with your love notes


Are we lost in the midst of charity? – No. The great thing is you could do all of these things with your people. And make them happier – Instead of buying a card, craft one on your own with resources you already have around the house like wedding cards, grocery bag paper, gift wrap paper, and leftovers from your last scrapbooks. It has a personal touch and displays the effort you put into making it. You may also write a love note on his/her favourite piece of fruit.

Love is there around, like it is said, ‘in the air’. Get into your innate and celebrate the little joys that add bigger meaning to your life. At the end of the day, you would be indeed surprised how little it takes to say “I care”.

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