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April 6, 2015 Comments (12) Views: 2555 Home Decor

Top 7 Hacks and Tricks for Small Kitchens

Mumbai, the home to over 13 million individuals, and a city of dream home for the rest, is ever growing. With no place left for horizontal growth, skyscrapers and towers are being built as solutions for the ever increasing need for a home and livability quotient in this city.

Small-green-and-white-kitchen  Example of a neat tiny kitchen


With the vertical growth of apartments comes the problem of small sized spaces, be it your living room, kitchen, terraces or rather the complete lack of one. But for those crazy passion driven individuals in Mumbai, these tiny spaces don’t really mark as a problem and they overlook the small spaces and utilize it to their benefits.


the-kitchen-design-ideas-small-spaces-74415      2b919abc0bec5271_1000-w660-h523-b0-p0--eclectic-kitchen


Classily Decluttered Kitchen- pan hangings and corner utilizations


Here is a list of a few things you can do to Utilize the kitchen spaces and encroach upon the areas you never thought you could hack:

  1. Magnetic Knife Strips



Do away with the bulky, space consuming knife blocks that look bulky on your counter and also hinder movement while cooking. Use magnetic knife strips which are cheap, efficient, and give a different edge to your kitchen. Place it at a level higher than the counter and thus out of reach of your children.


  1.        Hidden Pantry

83d97c104e720d2c0c59945894fa7541            Small-kitchen-pantry-ideas-doors


When you look at your kitchen and think you’ve done all you could, look again. There is a high possibility that you have around 6-8 gap between your fridge and wall. Why leave that place out? You can make a pullout pantry or even a storage place for your herbs, or racks of cups and glasses, the list in endless. Let the creativity flow.


  1. Wall Mounted Tables

Kitchen-Tables-for-Small-Spaces Mounted/ foldable kitchen table



Mounted kitchen table cum living room- kitchen seperator

Probably if you live alone or with your partner, and do not have to come home to a bigger family, a huge table in the living room or a dining table in your already small kitchen is a waste of space. Instead, you could mount a foldable table across the wall, lift it up when you’re dining and let it fall back once you’re done. Also make use of the very stylish concept of island counter for dining cum storage purposes. Not only will this utilize the wall in your kitchen without it looking cramped up, it’s great when you have friends over as you can cook and chat at the same time while they sit around this table.


4. Island Counter:

kitchen-center-island-designs-1024x938 (1)          wpid-Granite-Kitchen-Island-Design

Make use of the very stylish concept of island counter for dining cum storage purposes. Comes in wooden, marble or ceramic structure, tone it to the hue that goes along with the kitchen and your home. Remember to choose lighter material island counter for smaller spaces.


With that being said, there are a few tips and tricks to fool the eye into making your kitchen look bigger. If you’re someone who just cannot breath in small looking spaces, or want your friends to appreciate how well you’ve maximized your space, here are a few tricks to create the illusion of a bigger kitchen.

5. Glass Cabinetsglass cabinet


Unless you’re a tornado in your kitchen where you mess up your cabinets just by throwing in the utensils, this trick of using glass doors to your cabinets is a great way to make the kitchen look big. The glass doors give a sneak peek into your cabinets, giving the illusion of depth and when you place your utensils neatly, it’s all good.


6. Floor Spacing


When the eye gets something to look at from the the bottom to the top, it gives an illusion of length, and using the proper floorboard gives the illusion of width. Using furniture in your kitchen that shows off more floor is a great way to start as it decreases the clutter and increases the view of your tiles. The second step is to get tiles that have stripes that flow horizontally or diamond shaped printed tiles as it gives the eye a longer path to follow and creates an illusion of length and depth.


7. Ceiling High Cabinets

Ceiling high cabinets

When your cabinets reach the ceiling, it gives impression that it is going beyond the length of your kitchen boundaries. It gives the appearance of longer kitchen walls getting rid of the cramped up space.

So next time you go house hunting and you have to turn down your dream home just because the kitchen doesn’t reach up to your standards, don’t let the opportunity go, as space is an ever decreasing element in Mumbai and with these tricks, you can make the most of it.

Do post your comments with other ideas to hack the small kitchen spaces.



12 Responses to Top 7 Hacks and Tricks for Small Kitchens

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