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26 Places to go Street Shopping in Mumbai

March 31, 2015 Comments (0) Views: 2212 Cities & Lifestyle

Top 10 Weekend Gateways in and around Mumbai

Mumbai has been famous with the tourists. The lifestyle, cultural hubs, surrounding beaches, forests and mountains have been hot spots for quick vacations and touring couples.


Over the passing days and the chaos of the city, one needs to sit back, breathe and relax. Mumbaikars take holidaying very seriously, because that is one of the rare times they can introspect without rushing. But due to the shrinking holidays and ever expanding workload, weekends seem to be the only way one can temporarily escape the rush and be calm and rejuvenate before kick starting their schedules once again.

Listed below are the top 10 weekend gateways in and around the city:

  1. Lonavalalonavla

The go to escape of every mumbaikar, Lonavala is a blessing to the souls in the city searching for serenity. It’s scenic hills, beautifully pleasant weather and the amazing Knick knacks of the place make it a major tourist spot.

Famous for: Hill stations, gardens, lakes, temples, caves etc.

  1. Panchgani


A classic residential place, Panchgani exudes a charm that is so inviting you cannot refuse it. Like an oasis in the desert, this place gives resort to many who seek refuge from the heat and chaos of the city.

Famous for: Hill stations, caves, temples and strawberries.

  1. Matheranmatheran

Matheran is all about the views, gorgeous sunsets and colors of the residing sun paint the sky a different masterpiece every day. The waterfalls in rainy seasons are amazing. A ride in the Matheran Mini Train is a rather fun experience.

Famous for : Hill station, Sunsets, Views, Mini Train.

  1. Igatpuriigatpuri-main

Located over 600meters above sea level, famous for the greenery and the meditation centres, being admits the Sahayadri Range this place is a favourite of Hikers and trekkers. The caves and the temples are just more perks of Igatpuri. The very vibe you get from this place is refreshing and cleansing.

Famous for : Meditation Centres, Hiking, Trekking.

  1. GokarnaOm-Beach-Gokarna

Secluded beaches and untouched beauty await you at this coastal weekend getaways. Exquisite exotic food, beautiful beaches and scenic views, you’re sure to rhyme your soul at this spot.

Famous for: Beaches, Food, Hills, Markets.

  1. Diveagardiveagar

Whether it be to relax and have a break from monotonous hectic work, or just enjoy a thrill of the water sports, Diveagar is a wonderful place to go. The fresh air on the beach relaxes your soul.

Famous for : Beaches, water sports, sea facing hotel rooms.

  1. Koladrafting

Sports, resorts, waterfalls, caves, temples, beautiful sights and the list goes on. Kolad has a plethora of activities to be done while you go visit it. It has an activity for every age.

Famous for: River Rafting, Other various water sports, beautiful scenes, caves, temples.

  1. Kashid


Everything about this place screams ‘YOUNG WILD AND FREE’, starting from the drive to arrive at this place to the hammocks you can lie on and sip refreshing coconut water, this Beach is one of the favourite spots of youngsters.

Famous for : Water Sports, Hammocks, Beaches.

  1. Lavasalavasa

A planned city, Lavasa has an extreme range of activities to be done around here. Your needs of comfortable living, Delicious food, Thrill seeking sports and Entertaining events along with Nature’s touch, it’s all present here at Lavasa.

Famous for: Scenic beauty, Sports, Entertainment Factor.

  1. Ambivaliambivali

Ambivali Village Resort is cradled admits Mother Nature’s care. This place is popular amongst families as it separates you from all the chaos of the Urban Life and brings you back to your roots.

Famous for: Rock climbing, Fox Flying, Swimmming Pools, Hot springs, Caves.


A quick weekend break is not far away for the Mumbaikars.  Once the lust and passion for success gets too overwhelming, Mumbai itself gives us options to recharge and come back to its adrenal powered aura again.

Unpack your burdens and pack your belongings; travel and visit these places to find driving force again.



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