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GST on Completed Properties Without Completion Certificate

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Mumbai Rent Inflation Ranks Highest Among Top 5 cities

To create good housing The power of landscapes

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To Create Good Housing Use Power of Landscapes

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Adding plenty of landscapes to the Create Good Housing infrastructure must not be considered as an expense but rather as an investment, to create beautiful sustainable cities.  Yes, fortunately, or unfortunately, the landscaping expenses are just doubling with times as the need of the hour. The housing projects are partially or totally unfulfilled if landscaping is missing in the zone. To create good housing, landscaping has become an inevitable mandate in today’s ever growing real estate businesses.

Why landscaping acts as a power to significant city?

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Before knowing its power, it is imperative to know whether how it should be done. Well, planting a few trees and pasting some green unnatural grass over the areas inside the new cities won’t create an impact. Landscaping is an all new and innovative technique in real estate business that comes with some responsibility and plenty of power. So, why do we need it:

To strike the ecological balance

When it comes to Landscaping, we talk about landscape architecture that strives to achieve a harmonious balance between developments by humans and nature. Many people, while considering buying a new house look for good and appealing landscapes within the buying zone. Landscape spaces can include lush green lawns, trees for shade, water features and their spatial configuration. These spaces not only add visual value to the surroundings but also provide various physical and mental benefits.

Metro cities have more smog or smoke in their environment than fresh air. There fresh is a luxury in cities like Mumbai and Delhi and if you are capable of providing this priceless commodity to the people, you are in for business and up for growth.  By providing an ideal landscape to the community, you are offering an improved life quality to the people. To strike a right balance, the elements of Create Good Housing landscape design such as soft-scape, hard-scape, and water are important. Therefore, an efficient architecture is required and landscaping should be thoroughly planned before creating anything new.

Besides, landscapes must focus on the wellbeing of those who will use it and offer facilities to all age groups – children, teenagers, adults, elderly and disabled. For example, while designing a play area for kids, one must also consider a seating area for parents to keep a watch over their children.

To increase the overall appeal of the zone

There is always a chance that you sell a house which has beautiful surroundings and natural affluence. Who doesn’t want to live in a clean environment? The architects and designers who create innovative landscapes know that plants play an important role in the overall visual appeal of the property.  The use of plants and greenery evokes a feeling of refreshment, as well as beautifies and enhances the outdoors. In a residential landscape design process, the selection of plants is defined by the needs and goals of the homeowner, as well as the conditions in the surrounding site. Plants are not just beautiful, but also help to moderate the environment around the home and stimulate senses, thus, allowing the residents of a community to live amidst nature.

To lead a healthy life

Lack of green spaces in the surrounding certainly hinders the residents of any community from going out. This leads to a sedentary and unhealthy lifestyle and it is much common in metros. It is not just about the green spaces or landscaping, the cities tremendously lack in providing spaces let alone outdoor spaces. Living your every day in a few square feet could only add to your woes. Therefore, creating and designing desirable landscapes Create Good Housing within the housing sectors is the not just the need but a necessity for improving the lifestyles of people. If there are plenty of landscaping around you, it certainly boosts your mood and soothes your mind which is a luxury in today’s lifestyle.

Fresh air, walking paths, pedestrians, and gardens have the power which you cannot achieve inside your households within a few feet. This is why landscapes have the power to create housing because it has the power to create good lives.

It helps cool down your houses in the scorching heat

It helps cool down your houses in scorching heat

Yes, landscaping is even energy efficient!! Proper landscape design, along with associated plant choices, can reduce energy consumption and cool your home. Just as you can benefit from the shade of a tree on a hot summer day, so can your home. If trees are grown near to the housing, it provides shade to the house thereby reducing a few degrees of temperature. Depending on location, shading the roof of a house can lower inside temperatures 8 to 10 degrees (F). Planting trees along the western and southern sides of your house can solve the purpose.  In fact, the shrubs and vines that are generally used to improve the aesthetics of the house can considerably decrease the temperature in summers.

Today, technology is a major part of our everyday lives and if it is used in landscape it benefits the real estate sector tremendously.  Advancements in design and aesthetics have been made possible, with technological evolutions. The architects today practice digital technology to create influential designs for landscaping in order to facilitate greater collaborations.  When things are planned and practiced, it adds to the overall appeal of the sector and considerably increases the sales. Innovative landscapes have been booming today and the fact they help in creating ecological balance, the demand for such properties is on rising. However, landscaping architecture has become the field that is continuously is evolving with new technological advancements and making landscaping into a powerhouse of any housing sector.

Therefore, it won’t be wrong to state that landscapes are the new Create Good Housing power of housing sectors and hence developers are recommended to incorporate landscape designs and planning into initial site planning briefs. Developers must recognize the power of multifunctional landscapes to achieve their goals as well as environmental and social objectives.  Along with the local planning authorities, the developers must make a detailed design, maintain and manage plans for landscaping.

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