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Rhapsodic Shopper

January 31, 2015 Comments (0) Views: 7352 Homesfy Blog

The Rhapsodic Shopper

For those visiting the city of dreams for the first time, shopping can be truly a memorable and elating experience. Numerous shopping malls have unbolted in Mumbai catering to the needs of the ever-increasing crowd of the city. Whether you want to go on a shopping spree this season or in search of something special for the loved ones, experience the rasta shopping, crowded but exciting supermarkets, hanging out at the opulent shopping malls with friends and families or simply window shop, you end up spending a fun-filled and relaxing day. Everyone’s looking for something of quality, cheap in price and exquisite to buy in Mumbai shops. But no one really wants to head home looking just like every other chump who barely looks modish.

With the city getting high on rhapsodic shoppers, businesses are flourishing and shopping malls are increasing at an unprecedented rate. With several new players joining the bandwagon, excited shopaholics aren’t belligerent.The routine carnival at the Colaba Causeway market would get you a shopping experience like no other place in the world. Structured especially specially for the tourists, the shop vendors pitching in hindi “sab kuchh milega” (you’ll get everything), “only 200 rs madam” and the bargain prices sets up the mood. If you dodge across the crowded streets filled with shoppers,colourful balloon and map sellers, you would meander along the sidewalk and scan the stalls.

Footwear Bazzar

Footwear Bazzar

The dense bazaars to north of the Fort are also a must-visit for a shopping-savvy guy. The main areas are Mangaldas Market (silk and cloth), Bhuleshwar Market (fruit and veg) Zaveri Bazaar (jewellery), Crawford Market (fruit and veg), and Chor Bazaar (antiques and furniture), where Dhabu St is a bargain area for leather goods and Mutton St is a hub for antiques and other stuff.

You can look for just about anything in the dense bazaars north of CST, which spill one into the next in a plethora of people and stuff. The decades old Crawford Market, with fruit and vegetables, is the last garrison of British Bombay before the uproar of the central bazaars. Sculptures by Rudyard Kipling’s father, Lockwood Kipling, beautify the Norman Gothic exterior.

Mangaldas Market, by tradition home to dealers from Gujarat, is a mini-town, wide-ranging with lanes, of fabrics. If you don’t like your clothes to be tailored specifically, drop by DD Dupattawala for handsome scarves and dupattas at amazing prices. The jewel-lovers have a complete new stand in the city of dreams. Zaveri Bazaar is famous around the globe for its diversity in Jewellery business.

Bridal Shopping

Bridal Shopping

Chor Bazaar is widely known for its antiques, though these days much of it are duplicates; the main area of interest is Mutton St, where shops focus on ‘antiques’ and sundrystuff. Dhabu St, to the east, is creased with fine variety leather goods. It ain’t just the supply, but high as much are the demands as the shop vendors argue that the shoppers have made the market more competitive and diverse.

Summing up, Mumbai builds an aura of trendy and en vogue products available at unbelievable prices, a true exemplar of the best shopping experience one can ever have.

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