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7 reasons why Mumbai still is our favourite pad

February 2, 2015 Comments (1) Views: 2877 Cities & Lifestyle

The Coffee Lounge: 8 places in Mumbai that sell irresistible Coffee

One reason to drag yourself up every morning may be a tall dark cup of coffee, one reason to finish off the task quick is to catch up for a cup of strong lounging coffee at the office cafeteria, one reason to hangout with friends and the special one is to talk over a sinfully aromatic cup of hot coffee. Coffee is a photographer’s delight, a writers secret, lovers’ bait and the accompaniment when you go for the ‘first times’.


The origin of the concept of coffee dates back to 850 AD when the Ethiopian shepherds noticed their herds became exceptionally agile after munching on certain type of berries. The ancient monks who wandered in the places less traveled tried eating the crimson coffee berries but were disgusted with their bitterness and threw them in the fire. This emitted a strong appalling aroma, curious the monks grounded the roasted berries and consumed them and it helped them with their concentration to meditate and stay awake in the nights.

Cafe is the French word to coffee. The drink has travelled from Arabia (qahwah) to Europe and nestled happily in the Italian households as Espresso, Latte and Cappuccino. Businesses saw workers switching from alcohols to coffee which escalated their energy levels who otherwise would be drop drunk. Brazil is the largest producer of coffee (55000 * 60 kg bags), India ranks 5th producing 5100 such 60 kg bags.

Mumbai never sleeps, a fast- paced city full of effervescent people who definitely need time to unwind, catch up with what they couldn’t, get their head straight and get working again. This has made way for cafes and hangout joints and coffee becomes the second largest selling commodity in the world, first being oil (and Mumbai contributes 4.5% to it).

Let’s list the 8 cafes in the city selling the irresistibly delicious caffeine drink—

  1. Starbucks (Juhu, Fort, Goregaon, Andheri, Bandra, Parel, BKC, Thane, Vashi): This iconic Seattle based coffeehouse chain is the most acceptable thing to the mumbaikars after fashion. Spend a few hours for the great hospitality and the Frappuccino.


  1. Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (Juhu, Nariman Point, Worli, Bandra, Malad): The LA based coffee chain founded by John Dawson, is known for it’s blended coffees and filling meals. Caramel, mocha, vanilla, hazelnut, you would never run out of options.

coffee  bean

  1. Café Coffee Day (All over Mumbai): Just stroll into one of the outlets, wherever you stay would have a CCD, and grab that much needed dose of caffeine.


  1. Mysore café and Café Madras (Matunga): I am not going to overlook this amazing gift from South India to the rest of the world, filter “kaapi”. Sip into the amazingly rich body coffee with a sultry after-taste.


  1. Prithvi café (Juhu): Want to try the Kahwa, waffles and Irish coffee? Don’t forget to visit this joint.

prithvi cafe- irish coffee

  1. The Pantry (Kala Ghoda): How about coffee and some fuelling breakfast after a late Saturday night? Come here for Sunday brunches of rejuvenating espresso and vanilla latte with warm home-made cakes, baked tofu, vegetable stew, grandmother’s pie, eggs Florentine, fresh salads and chilled desserts to finish off with.

  1. The Chocolate Room (Thane): The smell of oven hot chocolate and crisp aromatic coffee lingers in the air. Ever heard of frozen almond and Irish coffee? Try it here with the chocolate rum and whiskey flavored hot chocolate.

frozen irish coffee

  1. Mc Cafe (Belapur)- The best full- body piping hot Cappuccino served with Irish/ hazelnut flavors ever!


Mumbai today doesn’t stand alone but within and adjacent to it have popped up ultra urban smart sister cities like Thane, Navi Mumbai, Powai and the much spoken about, Lodha Palava. Cafes serving an ambience of complete relaxation, great music and the refreshing forever en vogue drink for all, coffee, qualify as the crowd pulling landmarks.

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One Response to The Coffee Lounge: 8 places in Mumbai that sell irresistible Coffee

  1. Sampurna Chawdhary says:

    Your suggestion about Trattoria is welcome. The idea was to inform the readers more than emphasize on writing proficiency. CCD is definitely an obvious brand but we had in mind, these brands are worth mentioning as this is a general list of cafes across the city.

    Do continue reading and suggesting.

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