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Investment In 2016

Real Estate Trends in 2019

New real estate trends expected to emerge in 2019.

Mumbai DP 2034 How It Will Impact Mumbai’s Growth

April 5, 2016 Comments (0) Views: 1361 Real Estate Investment

Thane Investment Desitnation

Real estate has always been a top investment option for any body. Real estate has an appreciation in its wing. The property rate generally surges every year & it is the viable option to invest in appreciating assets than investing in the depreciating asset. Also, the asset can be used as an option to generate income. Thus, real estate becomes one of the most important industry to investment. Real estate since ages has given a good appreciation mainly because of increase in the land price & increase in the demand for the homes.

So, which location should be in mind while investing. According to some of the top real estate consultants in India & all of them pointed toward Thane. Thane being near to Mumbai set an alternative for Mumbai. The distance from Mumbai to Thane is hardly 20 min & with development in infrastructure like Ghodbunder road, flyovers & rail connectivity this area has survived its tough days & now seeing a huge appreciation in costs.

According to the reports Thane witnessed an appreciation of 117%  in last few year, but if we listen to some of the market gurus, this return is just tip of iceberg, with proposal of metro & mono rail connectivity in Thane along with a tunnel joining Borivali & Thane the prices of real estate will rise more. It is expected that during the period from 2015 to 2020 , Thane will see a growth of 60% in rates.

Thus, at the present moment, it is appropriate to say that Thane is investment destination, with launches like Amara, Rajesh life spaces, Dosti etc this place is definitely eyeing a huge growth in upcoming years.

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