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Bengaluru City

February 13, 2019 Comments Off on Bengaluru could finally be getting what it wished for: City will have 81 suburban stations. Views: 251 Cities & Lifestyle

Bengaluru could finally be getting what it wished for: City will have 81 suburban stations.

Over the last few years, Bengaluru has seen a vast development in infra projects. In fact, so many projects are still being constructed. The good news is its people of Bengaluru who will benefit the most from infra projects. The suburban rail project in Bengaluru is one such project that was delayed. But, now the project is back on track. 

Most people in Bengaluru were waiting for the suburban rail project to start soon. This will not only decongest the streets of the city but will also cut the travel time. The project is great considering the need for commuting. 

Kick start of the suburban rail network 

The suburban rail project has started with the instruction of chief minister of Bengaluru. In fact, the minister has asked the chief secretary of the state to get a clearance. Any big project requires clearance. Once this is done, the project will kick start making it the biggest infra project of Bengaluru. RITES that is an engineering consultancy in Bengaluru, has sent a draft on the proposal too. 

Bengaluru Traffic

The proposal states that the ridership of suburban trains is going to increase. It stated the trends of the coming years. The projected network will have a daily ridership of 9.28 Lakhs in the year 2025. The ridership can increase to 16.83 Lakhs in 2041. The suburban train network will benefit the people of Bengaluru. It will take care of never-ending traffic. The report also states direct connectivity to the airport through the network.

The plan of the project 

The suburban train project will be designed according to different routes. The idea is the train will travel up to 90 Kmph at the average speed of 32 Kmph. The train will have six cars. The operation time of the train will be between 5 AM to 12 AM. All the different corridors will have a broad gauge track (1676 mm) which will run parallel to existing tracks. In some places, the tracks will be elevated. 

The cost of the project including GST and land is estimated at 19498.91 Crores. The total operational cost for maintenance of the project is estimated at 711 crores. The EIRR (Economic internal rate of return) is estimated at 17.38%. The network or the project of 161 km will be divided into 4 different corridors. The work on each corridor will start separately. Everything will be planned according to the project and estimation of the cost. 

The construction planning or the proposed routes of the project 

According to Rail India’s technical and economic service (RITES), the ridership will double through the project. With a total of 17 six different car trains running, it will be the biggest project. In estimation by RITES, the trips in these routes will touch 9,28,432 by 2025. In 2041, the ridership is estimated at 1,68,3177. 

The proposed routes by RITES after the aerial survey are:

Bengaluru suburban rail network

Corridor 1: 

Kengeri – Whitefield (35.47 KM will be the total length)

Corridor 2:

KSR Bengaluru City – Rajankunti (24.88 KM will be the total length)

Corridor 3: 

Nelamangala – Baiyyappanahalli (38.94 KM will be the total length)

Corridor 4:

Heelalige- Devanahalli (61.21 KM will be the total length)

The four corridors will be stretched at 161 KMS. The stations will be spaced at 1.8 km each. 

More about the project

The route will change at Sangolli Rayanna Bengaluru railway station. Once the suburban trains are introduced, it will affect the whole rail network. There are two different sides and a single platform for four line-elevated stations. At this location, the two lines are for Kengeri to White Field and Bengaluru City to Rajanakunte. 

There will be an entry and exit on the left side that will be for passengers. There will be a separate entry for metro station passengers as well. The right side will connect to the existing station and the first platform. It will centrally connect to the foot over the bridge. This will connect the paid area so ticketing will be at the same spot. There will be connectivity with foot over bridge with a distance from the station building. This will connect the existing foot over bridge with the existing concourse area. 

There will be a separate area for parking too. There will be a different stand for auto and taxi in addition to parking. A small road will connect to the main road for the convenience of the passengers. This will connect to the west side of the station. The parking area will be on the railway ground due to space constraints. There is already a skywalk connecting bus terminal and station for passengers. 

Intermodal connectivity of proposed stations

The total proposed stations in the project are 81. Out of which 12 stations have intermodal connectivity with metro stations. Five stations will have interconnectivity with the suburban network too. The work on the route will start soon. 52 stations will require platforms on the route and some stations will also require doubling of tracks. 

Connectivity To Other Services

According to senior officials, the work on platforms will start as soon as the funds are received. The work on the rail network will begin in different phases. Depending on the demand, the service will increase by the end of 2020. 

The state government has its own plans with minor inputs in the project. This will be incorporated in the RITES proposal of the project. The work on this project will start after the Lok Sabha elections. Railway Minister Piyush Goyal has already given a green signal to the project. According to reports, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will lay the foundation of the project.

For the execution of the project, there will also be a need to acquire private lands near the stations. Subsurface and overhead utilities like telephone lines, cable wires, gas pipes, water pipelines will be shifted or removed. The space constraints can also affect the additional area. But, this will be taken care of so that it does not affect the citizens of Bengaluru city. 

With the kick-start of the long-awaited rail suburban projects, people of Bengaluru will surely be happy. It will not only cut the travel time but will also facilitate good infra in the city. 

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