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February 21, 2015 Comments (0) Views: 2232 Cities & Lifestyle

Smart Living: 10 things a Locality must have

Are you living or surviving? How often does your home give you the peace your mind needs? How often do the hustle bustle of the city let you rest? When was the last time you spent true time with your family and loved ones amidst the busy schedule? A city promises to fulfill your dreams but often do you get the space to “dream”? Taking a well guided Locality Trip conducted by an educated Trip Expert before you invest suffices your and your family’s needs to know the locality you are about to live in or invest at.

Great cities are those that offer you opportunities, give you chance not only to dream but to live the dream, help you grow, widen your vision, evolve wholesome. They create an environment where children think, create, soar, where business flourish, youth think beyond, and athletes liven up their passion. An ideal locality or as it is known today, smart township is  where families spend more time together rather than wasting is hassles and commute. Smart townships and cities (within Mumbai) like Lodha Palava, Rustomjee Urbania, Runwal My City are not only providing platforms to take ahead the “dreams” but also lifestyle living opportunities.These townships have created a city within a city that promises all the amenities you need to lead a content life.

10 things every locality must have:

1. Parks :



Your neighborhood must provide parks, lawns and gardens. Send your child to play with his friends, yourself, take a walk, jog or exercise, bring in your evening teas or sunday lunches or simply bring out the artist in you overlooking the lush green your locality has to offer. The parks don’t only add to the freshness in the environment but also provides a crowd free and safe atmosphere for the mothers, children and elderly.

2. Pool:

readingatthepool      pool-family

Take a sunbath, relax with a book and drink or laze in and around a swimming pool. Swimming is a great exercise and natural rejuvenator, it also adds to your “me” time.

3. Schools, Colleges, Universities :

Palava-Opportunity-Education-School-Page-Image1   07(b)

What does your child learn in the school if he is just tired by the time he reaches there ? How much time are you left with daily after spending hours into commuting to your institute or college? Townships must have affiliated schools, colleges as well as universities that motivates to learn, think and get their career structured. One may still opt for an institute away from home, yet your home nestles in a neighbourhood that promotes education, smart living and access to the best of academic courses.

4. Yoga and Gymnasium :

meditation 1   shutterstock_20685233220150217150236456

Amidst work and family life, pay attention to health and fitness. De-stress at the yoga and medidation centre in your locality. You wouldn’t want to travel miles for a workout either, right? Having a decent yoga and gymnasium around serves your purpose of distressing and fitness regime.

5. Open air café :


Imagine you are too tired and too bored to cook the evening meal and you plan to spend the evening at a restaurant with your family but you instead order for food at home because the traffic and the crowded restaurants do not please you. What if there is a café just few minutes off your house, away from the crowd and traffic. State of the art cafes and restaurants are quick ways to give you the “break” from monotones.

6. Hospital, First aid, Medicines:

Stretcher in Hospital       medication1

This is the basic requirement of any city to have first aid amenities located in the vicinity of the house. Minor to major ailments, accidents need to be catered on emergency rather than having to travel for hours and waiting to get an appointment . The townships must ensure safety and health of the citizens.

7. Entertainment:

gallery_image-community-chest-new_570x420     images (3)TV isn’t the only source of entertainment , the locality can organize workshops, events, get-togethers, parties, community functions, occasional tours and trips, fun family games and competitions. To exemplify, Palava organises regular soccer and cricket coaching sessions, music, recitals and entertainment events, family games competitions, various cricket coaching, acting and dance workshops initiated by associations in help of stalwarts like Brett Lee, Amitabh Bachchan and Shiamak Dawar for the citizens.

8. Security:

secuHow hard is it to live with the tension of not being safe? One needs the family behind everyday as he leaves for work or to travel. To sleep at night but being awake because the stories of your neighbors being robbed stress you? Localities must have one or two or three tier securities, depending upon the need accompanied by video door monitor, CCTV cams, digital lock system and well trained security guards to protect the houses and lives of its citizens. The smart townships are also coming up with smart cards that keep intruders at bay, smart vigilance cameras to track movements and 24×7 on call security and ambulance services.

9. Retail:

retail-salesA walk from your home must be the daily utilities. Sometimes the sudden need of certain groceries or daily use commodity can give you panic attacks! Well if not that, availability of these routine commodities around your locality are as important as salt in meals.

10. Commute:


These days, the thought of buying properties in the hub areas or bang opposite to the railway station can rest. Yet there must be transport provisions within the locality to take you to your destination and other important areas, as per your need. Ask for a well structured Locality Trip from the realtors you are communicating for the house hunting process. The trip would give a clarity on the basic requisites, meeting out several issues that may rupture your living in the area and also help answer, “this is where we wish to stay” or “this area isn’t for us”.




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