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February 23, 2015 Comments (0) Views: 2261 Homesfy Blog

Small Wonders: 10 unique things to bring out the best in your child


‘A creative adult is a child who survived’ — Ursula K. Le Guin

Our creative endeavor and passion as kids gets slowly dissolved as we grow up. A child can aspire to be a sailor, a painter, an astronaut or perhaps an engineer, everything in one day. Yet, every day his passion changes and new roles are adopted. Children are like wet cement, whatever falls on them leaves behind impressions. It is up to us to see what moulds our children.

As per the ‘iceberg of psychology’, the sub conscious psych of a person starts building from the day he is born and ripens by the time he turns 16 because it is after this age that one learns to analyse, decide and judge. Hence it is utmost important for every parent/ guardian to realise, along with education, to test the waters, give him a platform of opportunities wherein he can skim his interests and abilities and thus, evolve.

Mumbai being the city of opportunities offer a vast mosaic to learn and develop. Listed below are 10 things parents can choose from for their child:

#1 Photography

1a (1) 

It is correctly said that photography is a scrapbook of life. Teach your kids the value of a camera that can capture a beautiful moment without it ever fading away so that your kid cherishes every moment. Let him look at the world through a lens, or through a way different angel. Let him learn to see things that a normal eye can’t perceive. Support him to learn photography because his entire outlook towards beauty changes for the better. Below are the institutes offering Photography lessons–

1.  National Institute of photography (Dadar)

It is the first photography institute to be ISO certified. In the last 29 years, they’ve trained over 15,000 students. It provides the equipment for the class without extra charge.

2. Photo Orb Institute (Thane West)

Since its inception 3 years ago, they have taken up many events and over 36 exhibitions of their student’s works.

3. FishEye World Institute (Koperkhairane)

The Fisheye world institute of photography and fashion provides the highest level of education training in the art, technique and business of photography using multi media training materials and immense amount of support to the students


#2 Horse Riding


Riding is a unseen, unspoken language without the subtitles, where the rider and the horse have to be harmonious. It is a sport where the ball has a mind of its own. It teaches your kids to ride, fall but get back up and win the race. It teaches your child to me humble because although he rides the horse, he is nothing without the horse.

It teaches your kids to forgive, empathize and be gentle. It teaches your kids a different meaning of being in a team. The lessons learnt are learnt for life.

A few of institutes that teach horse riding are:

1. Amateur Riders Club (Mahalaxmi)

This is the most famous Riders Club in and around Mumbai. It has separate arenas for beginners, dressage, jumping arena and polo. It houses stables for over 100 horses both club and private. It has a history of producing legendary Jockeys.

2.  Adventure Kids Camp (Goregaon East)

This is an academy running since 1993. The amount of work and dedication given by trainers and the one to one teaching seminars has created a love for riding and the services they provide.

3. JIDD (Thane Gymkhana)

Boasting a very rich heritage and legacy, this institute is a blessing to the riders who find the Mahalaxmi arena too far to commute.


#3 Shooting


Shooting is more than just a sport, Shooting teaches your kids to aim straight. It teaches them the value of stability, decision making and increases their focusing ability. In a city like ours, where we can be described perfectly as dynamic, Shooting is one of the many activities available in and around your locality. Be it riffle shooting, archery or Pistol Shooting, We have it all.

1. Academy of Air Rifle Shooting (Dadar West)

Established in 2003, This academy is has high standard teachers. The amount of discipline, qualified training and certified courses make this an amazing academy to learn the love for air rifle shooting.

2. Dhamal Kids Camp (Vashi)

Fun, Light hearted, kid friendly, This academy is safe for kids who want to try out a hand at archery. It provides the basic knowledge and working of archery with a safe equipment to be handled by kids.

3. Ramnarain Ruia College ( Matunga)

In the heart of this college, secluded in all its glory, this shooting range is upto the standards of international ranges. It was the training centre of over 5 students who have won games at international level.

#4 Soccer


I don’t think it can be ever emphasized on how amazing this sport is for your child. As a source for both physical and mental development, control over the ball, learning how to work in a team, this game has a lot of benefits. Here at Mumbai, both cricket and soccer have made a niche in the life of Mumbaikars

Some of the top training academies are:

1. Oberoi International School ( Goregaon)

This school hold the FC Barcelona Football Club. This club is way more than just football, it is about creating a seamless communication between trainers to make them amongst the best sportsmen out there.

2. Mumbai Rush Soccer (Bandra West)

Mumbai Rush Soccer Club is the India International partners of the Rush Soccer USA the world’s largest youth soccer club.  It is one of the most famous academy in India.

3. Palava- Arsenal (in association) Soccer Academy (Domivili)- A state of the art soccer ground, every coach from Arsenal FC club, approved soccer kit and on the spot first aid amenities in Indias’ first Smart city- Palava. One couldn’t ask for more!

#5 Pottery

5a (2)

This is a fun activity that develops creativity and fine motor knowledge. The clay is moulded with your hands and the child learns about how his work can either make or break something. It teaches us to look at the impact we can create.

1. Artshaala- The art of learning (Mulund)

With over seven years of experience delivering the most joyous activities, this academy is not just a home for pottery but many other activities as well.

2. Colour Crates (Kemp’s Corner)

The courses here can be customized, The student teacher interaction is very high. Here you start with the very basics till the very end.

3. Kinder World (Kharghar)

Loving teachers, Fun activities with clay, education field trips are all covered up by this academy.

#6 Dance


Dance first, think later. This is the working of life. As a kid, you dance without a reason. You just sink into your zone and stay happy. And that’s what you should do as you when you grow up. Support your child in this adventure they’re willing to take up.

1. The World Dance Centre (Andheri West)

This academy is the first of its kind international Dance and Arts School in Mumbai. Its standards are bench marked to Broadway Dance Centre. No matter if you’re 4 or 40, you can be a part of it.

2. Krittika’s Dance Academy ( Matunga)

This academy believes in providing quality technique training in dance in rder to make the learning experience enriching as well as fun. The aim of KDA is not only to teach kids how to dance but also to make them think out of the box and be confident about their talent.

3. Shiamak Davar International (Palava , Dombivili)

Palava has yet another platform to bring out the artist in your child. This dance studio is organized by Shiamak Davar’s troops, the lessons and sessions are diligently directed by the same. They say, dance is more than moves it’s a tool of expressing yourselves.

#7 Film-making


Film-making is a chance to live many life times. It is an art. It’s the most beautiful way to express your voice, imagination and thoughts all together through one medium. Cinema is a pure art and here at Mumbai, The beating heart of Bollywood, Film-making is highly appreciated.

  1. Music Film Academy (Andheri West)

Mumbai Film Academy is comprehensively equipped and staffed to conduct professional training in films and Television. It is open to one and all who is passionate about films and having a voice.

2. New York Film Academy (SoBo)

This academy has its headquarters at New York. The students here shoot and edit at the standard to international film festivals. There are experienced instructors and professional filmmakers. They have many guests instructors from other parts of the world.

3. Digital Academy- The Film School (Andheri West)

The film making course designed here is specially for the kids who not only want to learn directing but also acquire knowledge of all the technical skills that are used in film making. The students get hands on practical training at actual shooting sets.


#8 Animation


Your little one’s favorite! Let them know how their most loved characters originate from. The animation of a blank canvas is the most difficult. Yet with animation, all your imaginations come true. Computer animation is one way to liberate people from their circumstantial gravity, and it is one way to give them mental freedom.

A few of the top animation school in Mumbai are:

  1. MAAC Animation Institute (Thane)

MAAC is a well know animation academy. It is one of the most famous animation schools which has its centres in many places. It conducts training in 3D animation and VFX. The students get to be at home in the labs and in front of a screen.

 2. FX School (Andheri West)

FX school is equipped with top, world class infrastructure and it is the first school in India to have a production ready environment. It has continue career guidance, personalized café-lounge atmosphere which ensures that students stay on track for their perfect career.

3. Arena Animation (Vashi, Vile Parle etc.)

Arena Animation is an animation, web designing, VFX and Multimedia education academy. It has trained over 400,000 students over a course of 18 years. It provides world class education in animation world. It has over 20 centres.


#9 Sculpting


A sculpture will last longer than a painting. It’ll live for generations, your thoughts will survive generations. Such is the power of a sculpture.  Teach your kids to appreciate art and any form or art. Because ‘Earth’ without art would be just ‘Eh’.

  1. Sir J. J. School of Arts (Fort)

The Sculpture department of this school has given us milestone artists. You can experiment with abstract moulding, metal casting and beautiful sculptures. The high technological advancement and creative quotient, this school strives to be one of the most precious school of Sculpting.

 2. Meetakriti (Goregaon east)

This academy is an all encompassing art station for all those who love art. It’s a place for those who aspire to create and keep creating and keep living through ages.

3. Mitty Pottery(Andheri West)

A sculpting studio, headed by an artist passionate to teach how to carve your thoughts in stone.


#10 Bakery


Want those tiny palms to bake a delicious cake? A child’s happiness is only a cupcake away. We know for a fact how much kids love those brightly colored desserts. Whoever said money and toys give kids happiness has obviously never bought them a sweet treat. It only seems fair to the kids and the source of their happiness that they should be given a chance to learn how amazingly well the sweets are made and perhaps teach them about patience and that the fruit of patience is sweet. Literally.

  1. The Nest House (Andheri West)

In practice since 2013, this company has grown wide. The kids are taught how the baking process work, they make their own sweets and teens are allowed to handle the equipment too but with appropriate safety measure.

2. Chocofeast (Santacruz West)

This is a home based bakery. The founder has a deep passion for baking and has perfected the art of making dessert and now want to instil this in the children of today. There is very high teacher to student interaction.

3. Satrangi Gurukul (Kandivali)

Here, the class learn to play, learn, create together. The wholesome environment nurtures each child.


The list of activities that our city provides doesn’t end here, Mumbai is home to Classical dance academies, gaming, Fine arts, Handicrafts, Fitness. Honestly speaking, the list is endless. A city must be smart. By smart we mean equipped enough to help us learn, develop and grow. We grow along with a developing city. Such is Mumbai, a mosaic of opportunities to live your dream, where a child’s innate capacity of wonder, reverence and awe is nurtured.


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