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Andheri East: People, Food, Shops and more

The Bombay Presidency Golf Club, Chembur

July 24, 2015 Comments (0) Views: 2508 Cities & Lifestyle

Smaaash: Ultimate entertainment destination in Lower Parel

Who doesn’t want to go back to their childhood? Relive those moments when you actually laughed out loud and behaved like you became that 6 year-old again. The worry-free days…. Ahh ! The delight! Now imagine, (please sit up straight, this may just save your life) you enter a zone, where you can leave behind all your worries, fears and walk into world of fun frolic and fun. In short, you will discover the magical “eat-me” cake straight out of Alice in Wonderland, where you take a bite and grow small, figuratively.  And surprises of surprises this place is right here in Mumbai, at Lower Parel.

Smaaash as the name speaks out is one of the most smashing and happening places to visit. Smaaash, located in Lower Parel, is the ultimate place to get the best of indoor games, starting from lazer tags to bowling , is all in here at one place.



If you have watched “how I met your mother” you will be well versed with the game of laser tag. Yes, exactly!! And for those who don’t know I’ll explain. Just  imagine playing “shoot out at lokandwala” complete with life like guns and feedback and tracking sensors. This baby was put together just for the people who love adventure and a perfect place to get your frustrations out.



Lets jump in the air! This place just apt for over energetic kids. Bring them and make them jump on the trampoline and watch them enjoy to their fullest! It’s a must visit fir families with kids. They will never forget the day when their parents prodded them to jump to their heart’s desire.



Virtual world has become the in thing and Smaaash has taken it way too seriously. Ever visited roller coaster and scared of the heights and fear of any impending disaster? Keep it behind. Here is a new introduction into the treasures of Smaaash- Finger coaster. Its just the virtual form of roller coaster and experience the trenches and giddy-ups without any fear. Pure adrenalin rush it is.
now, imagine a narrow plank of wood, thousands of feet over a pitch and your job is to walk on it. Oh! Wait I forgot to add. There also a villainous monster running behind you! Oooooo… totally freaking amazing. No no. you wont die. Again Smaaash has it all sorted with their 3-D Technology and the name is Vertigo- walk the plank.  Another delight is the Flymax .  its again a simulated game where you can feel yourself flying. Curious much? You should already be booking your tickets.


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These above games are so fabulous that you will want to keep going back to them over and over again. But , yet you will be spoilt for choices they have so much more to offer.  Starting from net cricket ( Smaash Cricket ) to Twilight Bowling, the fun is unlimited. There is something for everyone. For the football fanatics there is a supersonic goalkeeper which will keep the player on his toes. Mind you, its not easy to win this Super Keeper . For guys who will love to play the heroes saving the world from zombie apocalypse is the superb game called War on Wheels.  For the wannabe Lewis Hamiltons you have the simulated version of Grandprix as X2 Motor Racing Simulator.

maxresdefault (4)

“play with colours” out, “W.A.R Paintball”  is so win. Shoot yours mates with the losing paint and go crazy with guns squirting paints! But what’s a gaming zone without the age old  Pac Man, Air Hockey, Deal or No Deal and Simpson’s Soccer .

All work and no play will make you dull person. Go onand have a share of the elixir Smaaash gives. Its strong enough to rejuvenate you. These people also host parties starting from Kitty parties to corporate to play dates and pre wedding bashes its all in this one place. They have innumerable packages to lure you in with.


IT is located at Gate 4, Kamla Mills Compound, Pandurang Budhkar Marg,Lower Parel, Mumbai.  It is spread over 40,000 Sq.ft. It is definitely pioneers in the virtual gaming .



Although not exactly the place to eat out but after so much of gaming one is bound to be ravenous. Yes they offer you with buffets at 299inr and drinks with good happy hours deals. It is multi cuisine so you will have lots of things to choose from.

Smaaash is also a great place for Photography and you can capture candid photos and true happiness and long lost smiles here. It’s a place dedicated for kids and grown ups who would want to be kids again. So go on and have fun.





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