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The IKEA Effect: How the Furniture Giant is Going...

April 1, 2016 Comments (0) Views: 1299 Job and Education

Service Industry

Since the world is shifting towards the technology, people want everything on their finger tip & with so many startups been invented in India. This is the best time for the service industry. As many players are trying to put their foothold the option for consumers is humongous.

From service provider like taskbob, housejoy, rentomojo, timesaverz, ezmove. These companies are changing the looks of servicing industry.
With this, many  companies are providing services to the consumer the option are huge & also one can avail services without facing any difficulties. The services have become one of the biggest industry in recent times.
People now don’t want to spend their valuable time while working their household works. Even young couples are opting for this option; this only means one thing that this industry will remain here for some time.
The services vary from home cleaning, electrical fitting, plumber etc. So, these are one stop solution for human house needs. To avail, such facilities one only have to click the button and get the problem to their home solution. No more going out and looking for the person who needs to be hired to get the job done. All these services will come with guarantee hence making sure the customer is satisfied in the end of the day. services

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