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Top 7 Hacks and Tricks for Small Kitchens

February 21, 2015 Comments (0) Views: 3558 Home Decor

Relaxing Spaces: 5 ways to decorate your terrace and balcony

A space to unwind within your abode is in high demand in the metro cities these days. Here the price of a square feet of plot is way more expensive than a dinner at a fine dine. A balcony or terrace might be our only way of getting some fresh air within the comfort of our home. Thanks to this space you can enjoy the sun and soft winds without even leaving your house. However small to tiny or lavish the space be, there are some great ideas to liven up your spaces. The  idea is to keep portable and light accessories in colour accents that accentuate your lifestyle and mood.

So you have got a small outdoor area in your house but baffled as how to use and decorate it?

Below are 5 ideas on decorating the balcony and terraces in your house:

1. Bright outdoor furniture and furnishings



Add a bright hue to your otherwise soft home interiors with a colorful yet chic balcony. Use portable, light and affordable furniture. Go for mounted tables, vertical gardening (explained in the next point) and low stools in case of tiny spaces.

The splash of morning colors like yellow, orange and green brings the space to life. Put in red and yellow outdoor furniture with pastel cushions and floor runners.

  1. Vertical Gardening

31 shaz-living-7676-806201-1-product_432

Gardening is fun, but when you live in a city, it’s a little tricky. Who said you need a lawn for a garden, or perhaps a long stretch of empty space to garden?

Vertical gardening is a method of gardening on walls vertically. It is fun, innovative and the ideas are endless.

Colorful planters and pots lined up upon the wall maximize the space we have. They reduce the cluster in the path and give us more space to move about. You can even use such methods to hang your pots or dangle them by adding a wind chime etc.

Clubbed vertical gardens are easier to water. You can just water the top most level and it drips down till the last one. The possibilities of using your imagination and creativity to work on these vertical gardens are beyond limits.

  1. Hammocks and swings v/s chair


You can anytime make your balcony your favourite place in your home without having to cluster your indoors with much desired hammocks and swings. The chairs are out and these comfy seaters are in.

When you come from office after a tiring day of sitting on a chair in your cubicle, sitting on a chair in your balcony during your relaxing time is that last thing you want. Lean in on your recliner chairs to make the best use of your balcony space.

Comfy swings as such make the entire experience of sitting on your terrace and sipping tea while the winds blow a very special one that you’d look forward every day.

Although you might be hesitant to install a hammock in your balcony due to the fear or rain or the humid climate we have, worry not. Hammocks are easily detachable and can be reattached with just a hook.

  1. Fairy lights, candles and lanterns


Tired of the unwelcoming look your balcony has when you switch on the ugly white bulb at night? Then throw in a few fairy lights, candles and lanterns to make it more welcoming and cozy. It works perfect for couples who want to spend some time together after a tiring day.

The ochre hue emitting lights create absolute comfort. A couple of throws, a runner and cushions are good to go with. Get comfortable with scented candles, aroma diffusers, a book and steaming mug of evening coffee.

  1. Coffee table for you morning routines and gossips

BalKonzept - The Balcony Railing Mounted Desk        7792a55feeddded55d93484ac8b359d6




Who said you’ve to be stuck indoors on early hours of a morning to refresh        yourself? Add a small coffee table to your balcony sit with your morning coffee watching the sun go up. An excellent idea to beat the ‘work-even-at-home’ blues is to sometimes make the balcony your work-space.

Have perfect dinners with your loved ones or call over your friends for barbecue parties.



Space doesn’t restrict you from having fun. Home, however big or small, is a canvas of memories . The ideas above would make way for many more. Add your personal touches, do up the little outdoor space within your home as per your mood and taste. Let creativity flow in, use the available space to your comfort and give your dusty old balcony a makeover.



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