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September 27, 2015 Comments (0) Views: 1468 Homesfy Blog

PM Modi’s second US trip: The highlights



The second US trip in as many years for our beloved prime minister has proved one thing beyond doubt – His emphasis on the technology front for fulfilling the dream of a developed India and a readiness to partner technologically advanced nations for the very same. In and during his meetings with many tech giants over this visit, Mr. Modi has strengthened the ties and swung deals that would make India technology rich.

Here are some of the key highlights of the major changes that are planning to be brought about in the Indian landscape with help from his associations :

FB, Twitter, Instagram are the new neighborhoods in the new world


 Hashtags and insta updates along with the blue and white walls of FB have changed the way we connect to our pals and peers. It has brought about a rapid change in the way the society used to and will function with changing times and technology enabling people to be more social and at the convenience of clicks and instant connect. They have and would continue to replace the old way of chit chats and connections and would provide the whole neighborhood in front of our eyes on the screens of our laptops and mobiles. “It is reducing social barriers and connects people on strength of social values, not identity”, is what he said in his short speech to the media.

The most fundamental debate for our youth is the choice between Android, IOS or Windows


With a astounding breakthrough in the markets and potential growth prospects, the technology providers have not kept any stones unturned to provide the best of user experiences on their platforms for mobiles and computers. In this age of cut throat advances in the domain and revolutionary change in outlook of the entire nation, the youth today is obviously more interested in the topics that are currently shaping the nation of the technologies and not of other issues that clouded the nations growth story in the past.

Launch of free Wi-Fi at 500 major railway stations with Google’s help


When the nation is proudly boasting over one billion cell phone connections, the movement and efforts of mobile governance to make development a truly inclusive mass movement that is comprehensive and all encompassing is pacing up. As a result of it, in a bid to connect the Indian masses digitally, the government is more than willing to set up infrastructure for connectivity through free Wi-Fi and other such mediums. India born Google Chief Mr. Sunder Pichai said, “Google is proud of what’s happening in India. We want to play a part in digital India”. This is in line with the digital India initiative launched a while back by Mr. Modi. Along with this, expansion of the National Optical Fibre Network to take broadband to over 6,00,000 villages is also on the priority in the agenda.

Building I-ways are as important as highways


For progress through economic development, along with an emphasis of ‘Make in India’, a subsequent emphasis on the ‘Digital India’ front is indispensible. As aptly said by him, the making of connectivity available to school and colleges as well as on railway platforms is necessary in addition to the airport lounges. Paperless transactions and electronic funds handling to improve tax receipt by the government largely depends on the seamless development and integration of both infrastructural and digital needs of the digitization process. setting up of digital lockers for every citizen to store personal documents to be shared across departments is also an idea that could be served using support from this infrastructure.

Bridging the digital divide and promoting digital literacy

Social media hands

 Setting of E-biz portals, has multiplied the chances of efficiency, service delivery, tapping larger markets, cost efficiency and reach has made the businesses more profitable and easily visible to the citizens. This has imparted scale and speed to development. It also would support general literacy, and for the same the technologies digital outreach must be accessible, affordable and value adding. This when achieved with data security and privacy would transform the face of the nation as put in by him.

From large corporate to young professionals, each can be a part of digital India story


With android including local Indian languages to its dictionary and keyboard functionality, it would become more friendly to our users. India which is the fastest growing startup nation in the current startup boom, with over more than 3000 startups would benefit greatly from this chapter to be inked in the Indian digital arena. With a way of promoting various ‘yojanas’ rolled out as reform measures, the digital infrastructure growth would benefit one and all from kids to grownups, students to professionals and beyond.


Thus, on this trip, the Indian PM has strongly and surely conveyed the intent of strengthening the digital aspects in our lives and established it as a future pillar for our growth on personal and global front as a country. The revolution to modernize the emerging India has been set into motion and slowly the technology would encompass these walks of our lives for the larger betterment. These visits would ascertain the partnership of the global technology giants in this growth story if tilted positively in our favor but the ball is rolling for modernization through reinforced technology impetus.

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