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6 Offbeat Cafes in Mumbai

Monsoon Fashion’2015 Mumbai

May 25, 2015 Comments (1) Views: 2622 Cities & Lifestyle

Party Hard But Party Safe

Disco lights, late night-outs, drinks, dance, masti, new people, and what not. Let your hair down this very weekend and have fun at the many clubbing and lounging destinations sprinkled around the city.  But one must keep their heads on their shoulder and party. Reckless may cost you more than fines and a bad hangover in the morning. So here are some pointers you can keep in mind before you walk into the starry night.

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Safety App on your phone
Install a safety app on your Smartphone. Also, keep emergency numbers on speed dial. Some of the top free safety apps you may find useful- Himmat, Fightback, iFollow, Nirbhaya, Safetrack, with u, telltail

Strangers and dilemma
Do not make the same mistake as little Red Riding Hood did.  Chatting up with strangers can get messier than meeting a wolf in the forest.  Meet new people, befriend them, but keep a check on your instincts and what your best friend has to say about him/ her. Irrespective of his drop dead gorgeous looks ( yes, keep a stone upon  thy heart) , walk away from them. They may mean TROUBLE.

Don’t walk isolated paths
Avoid lonely paths, walkways and lanes to avoid being mugged. These are some telltale places for unpleasant surprises. Don’t try to walk through these places alone or with small gang of girls.

Of course you can hail a cab, if you are alone and need to go back home.  But be careful to write down the Number Plate, look carefully at the face of the driver and negotiate the fare to judge his behavior. Keep calling someone you can trust and keep updating them of your locations and DON’T pass out in the cab.

Too ‘high’?
If you realize you are high, you don’t have to hit the road right away. Get rid of  the tipsy phase and make your way back home. Tag a trusted friend along.

Yes, stuff that AK-47 into your purse before you step out!! Okay only kidding about the gun. But you can always keep a pepper spray handy or a good substitute is deodorant. If you wear heels ( I do), the stilettos can be a good weapon, a nice BANG with your purse may buy you some time to run!

Emergency Numbers
Keep the police emergency numbers, friend who is a call away, parents or relatives’ staying across on top of your dialed numbers list or on speed dial.

Security check documents
You do not want any unnecessary hassle at the checkpoints. So keep your car documents handy and your identity cards too. Keep some photocopies and originals as well. This will sort out a lot of your problems.

I am sure you are tired to hear this every now and then , but trust me readers, people still make the mistake of drinking and driving. Unless you are Salman Khan or you have his attorney I’d recommend you to not drive when drunk. (Well a second thought to it and no! Even if you are a big gun, DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE)

Tank up
A break down in the middle of the night or a long queue at the petrol pump may not be the best party turn on. The break down in the middle of night can be scary and even if you manage to find a mechanic it will be expensive. So check and recheck your tires and tank before you hit the road, just to be on the safe side.

Spike at bay
Stick to your glass. Don’t leave it alone . Date rape drugs are usually colorless and odorless.


Having said and done my part, girls and guys out there, go out and have fun. Party hard, party late, indulge and  dance to every tune, but do not forget on these simple safety measures that can make your night outs enjoyable and anxiety free.


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One Response to Party Hard But Party Safe

  1.' sunny says:

    Wow this is a very wonderful article…..apt for all the party lovers , to the point and very very informative tips….
    Everybody must keep the items in mind …enjoy but safely…
    cherios Amrita 🙂

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