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Impact of GST on Home Buyer & the Industry

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October 23, 2015 Comments (0) Views: 2382 Home Decor & More

Party hard and we clean the mess

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Recollect those days when we flip our eyes open the morning after a boisterous party and frowned at the sheer ailment and catastrophe that remained. Half-drunk beer bottles and red plastic cups cover every available surface.  The music payer still shouting out to some EDM track. Quite a lot of of our closest friends — and strangers — passed out, sleeping one over the other in various corners and hallways.In other words: Everything you don’t want to wake up to while harboring the hangover from hell.

There’s nothing shoddier than when you look at the mayhem the sunrise after a party and the need to rush to a meet or perhaps get back working.


The best way to lever all the mess is to hire professional cleaners who will clean your home in a systematized manner, while you don’t compromise on work front.

And that’s where you find Homesfy services, affordable, easy to book, professional and punctual ready at your doorstep to help you out in clearing the mess. We offer an array of structured handyman, movers & packers, home cleaning and improvement, loan advisory and much more without burning a hole in your pockets.


After-party cleaning service includes washing up/mending and polishing cutlery, glasses, dishes etc. dumping of rubbish (food, bottles, boxes, scrubbing ,ashtrays) and the bad odors, eradicating leftovers, dusting/polishing all exteriors, getting rid of stains from wooden furniture and any other cabinets, cleaning boards, and detailed cleaning of kitchen and bathroom areas. Thus, by chance if you have some afresh made marks from munchies or beverages, better turn quickly in order to remove professional carpet and upholstery steam machines. You will receive excellent results and a sparkling clean house.


If not for the service men, below are some fixes you can yourself do with:

1. Gather bottles, cups, and glasses. Gaze for spills and pact with them right away.

2. Vacant half-filled glasses and cups in the kitchen sink. Toss out plastic and junk. Proper the glasses on the counter. Wash off the same with plates and utensils.

3. Bung up the dishwasher with the mountain of dishes as you can fit in and start it when it’s fully loaded.

4. Pucker up the garbage in plastic bags, opening in outer rooms and scouting your way toward the kitchen, so that you centralize the muddle there. Take trash out as soon as bags are filled and knotted, to avert accidental leaks and odors.

5. As soon as the sun hits, finish up by dusting and vacuuming. Clean the kitchen last.

6. Follow the beat of scouring, scrubbing and spraying, so that you can finally sit back and relax. And yes, fake ill health to your boss!


Homesfy understands the need to work hard and party harder. Our services would take care of your after-party cleaning woes. The kitchen is usually the epicenter of any party and our services would take care in getting your after-party cleaning woes. We wash, scrub and clean all the work surfaces and sponge down the sink and taps, then Vacuuming and stain removal is our specialty is like applying contour to the exhausted face and making it look like as fresh as a morning ray. We will make your floors luster like new again. Our service ninjas would take care of sanitizing and cleaning the interior and exterior spaces of your bed, bath and utility areas, living and kitchen. The sink, taps and faucets, mirrors and walls. We fumigate toilets and purify them. Your entire living space is finished off by vacuuming and mopping the floor.

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Homesfy makes sure that you get a wide collection of different cleaning services, counting after party carpet cleaning and even a comprehensive cleanup of your site. You will also be profitable from the information that our assurance policy covers both you and your home or office during any of our cleaning services.


So party hard with your family, friends, friends of friends, neighbors, strangers, colleagues, some random people from the street, and don’t worry about the garbage tornado that will hit your house the next day because cleaning up your mess is our duty.



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