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PM Modi US visit: Digital India and other takeaways

Party hard and we clean the mess

October 8, 2015 Comments (0) Views: 977 Homesfy Blog

October Sale! Half Prices only at Homesfy


Its October, the season of festivals, the season of Sale! Everywhere!! Oh boy!! Wait.. Is this not what happens in Novembers?? Yes it does.. But with Homesfy October is THE month which holds the best deals for you.. Yes, the best!!

Eager to hear what is at offer? Here it is. But wait. For a minute just go back to the times when you moved into a new apartment, owned or rented, and all the hassle you had to go through in order to get started with the life in the new abode. Brokers, advances, agreements, paper works, services, legal compliances, interiors and finally the moving in. And don’t all of these create a permanent fear within you not to go through them again. We are sure they do.

And to release you from the same old hassles, Homesfy has come up with a one stop bouquet of services to cater to all these never ending needs. And do these cost you a pocket full. No. This is where October proves to be the month to finish these tasks at once. Homesfy brings to you expert solutions related to homes covering everything right up to the moment you move in at rates which are super affordable.

Coming to the individual services/offers, there are 4 baskets in which they are clubbed into. It includes :

50% off on Buying and Selling !

Save on basic transactional fee of buying and selling starting right from the phase of contacting the broker. These include offers on broker fees, i.e. commission, the legal charges of the transaction, the cumbersome task of catching hold of packers and movers, instructing them, guiding them and getting the desire output, and also the finishing touch to your homes, which is interiors and furnishings. All these tasks taken care of and that too at a discounted rate of 50% of the original cost. Yes, heard (rather read) it right. No additional fees, but 50% discount on the original cost itself.

1/2 month Rental flat!

 It only gets better! Comes in along with this is savings on agreement cost, full assistance with handyman services and fixed services like home cleaning along with internet/phone/D2H. This bucket of value additions to the home search or rather home shift, makes it clutter free and budget friendly only with Homesfy.

0% Fees on new projects!

 Be it the legal charges or the home loan processing fees, with Homesfy you need not worry of anything. We provide this enlisted service at 0% fees. Along with lowest offer price on new projects on prime properties and fully paid home decor package this offer basket also gives the much needed assistance in paper work and legal matters.

A bit about Homesfy Services

In addition to the above mentioned special September offers, the best in class services that Homesfy helps in is a complete package that any home search, settlement, or moving in ever needs. In simple words, if you are moving in or simply want to glam up your pad, search for a good locality, or get the property documentations sorted, Homesfy is 1 stop solution. To add to the happiness of these offers, the services are one of the best available and at rates that are pocket friendly.

Property related tasks have never been so easy. A locality trip, with pre visits to the site, advisory, documentation, packers and movers service, insurance, interior and home improvement all under a single roof of Homesfy is unarguably the preferred option as not only does it save the headache of tasks to be taken care of but also the satisfaction it brings after completion of these tasks.

Glam up your home or move-in hassle-free with Homesfy services.


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