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Navi Mumbai Food Corners

January 16, 2015 Comments (1) Views: 3137 Cities & Lifestyle

Navi Mumbai: Eat, Laugh and make Merry

maxresdefault (2)  “I am not a glutton, I am an explorer of food” –  Erma Bombeck


There is this thought that crawls into your mind and snap starts all the senses- appetite, food and indulgence. As Indians, with the mosaic of divergent cultures, we celebrate the tastes of India- the palette of regional cuisines.

Navi Mumbai, an urban town developed in 1972, has been a place full of nimble and venturesome crowd that has felt the essentiality of exploring their taste buds in sync with the new urban lifestyle. We love food! And so we went on a tour, exploring the regional cuisines served across the satellite city.


IMG_4301 7662203726_3120b1e118_z

We begin with the native corn pakodes, kothimbir wadi with spicy chicken sukka- authentic Maharashtrian cuisine served by Desi Curry (Kharghar) and Konkan Rassa (Belapur), travelling a little south towards Surmai, Bombil fry, Matki Usal- Bakhri, Zinga Koliwada- the Konkani and Malwani favourites of the localites.

recipe_img_2_big kebabs-at-momo-cafe-copy

The bigger bite begins with the Moghul specialities of Kebabs, Biryanis at Ahmed Bhais’ (Nerul) and Jaffer Bhai’s (Vashi), celebrate Punjabiana at the rooftop dhaba style Chenab or find a corner at the traditional kitchens of Royal Punjab (Nerul) and Golden Punjab (Vashi).


During the food explore, we come across the rare tastes of Himachal at Himachali Zaika (Belapur), Parsi food at Bhonu (Nerul), Kashmiri savouries at Shikara (Sanpada). Range towards the east- where reside the eternal foodies- Bengali cuisine of Chingri (prawn) Malai curry, Alu posto(potatoes in poppy seeds) ,Kosha Mangsho, Mishti Doi, Ilish maach Bhaat and warm Ragullas at Bong Adda (Belapur) and Iti (Vashi). Try the very palatable Gujarati dishes at Bhagat Tarachand and Kailash Parbat, dig into the Mirch ka Salaan, Moong Dal Halwa, Dal Baati Churma – the tastes from the desert at the never-ending handicraft exhibition on Palm Beach Road.




The titillation of the taste buds continue with the street’s specialities- Vada Pav- the Indian burger, butter Pav Bhajis, squashy Chinese Momos, sugary Jalebis, the piquant Sev Puris and other chaats, tangy frankies and fresh juices to wash down with. Don’t miss the cutting chais with hot samose and spicy kachoris. One cannot go wrong with the mouth watering South Indian delicacies available at almost every corner of the town.



This medley of flavors stitched across Navi Mumbai only adds to its’ liveability quotient and lifestyle. Getting together over food, starting your day with food, celebrating with food; every meal would have a story to narrate.

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One Response to Navi Mumbai: Eat, Laugh and make Merry

  1.' Priya Menon says:

    Awesome write up.

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