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Inspiring tale of a true Mumbaikar


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May 25, 2015 Comments (0) Views: 1366 Our Story Teller

Must Read: Passion vs Paycheck

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“What is money? A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and goes to bed at night and in between does what he wants to do.”– Bob Dylan

Job. The first thing this tiny word does is , rub the smile off your face . Nobody likes to do a job, well, unless it’s your passion.

Passion, brings the welcoming smile on your face, a certain vigor in your mind , pushing you without any pressure or constraints.


Striking a balance between this two is a struggle faced by every 7 out of 10 people in this world . Everyone wants to do something , which pleases them , keeps them away from restrictions , ensures freedom . Something which they are passionate about . It might be trekking , photography, writing, film making or perhaps designing. But the question is , is the passion able to pay your bills ? This is soon turning out to be a rhetorical question , as people have hung up their passion boots and are trying to fit into their job boots ; something very monotonous but it pays your bills, then who cares right ?


Passion , job and money configure the triangle of life. Here, if you chase a job for money , you have to let go off your passion . On the other hand , if you choose passion as your job , you may have to let go off the money, unless you make it big in the long run . The capacity to take on the struggle in in the initial phase of life , decides whether y’re a passionate man or a 9-5 man .


26-hipster-writer (1)

I would share my story. I love my job . I am a student though , currently pursuing a program in Commerce , but that doesn’t deter me from making time to write .

I put in a considerable amount of time in studies , other related programs as that is what guarantees me a purpose , a place to belong and a good paying salary in the future , ensuring food on the table and roof over my head .  When I’m home , post college and program studies , I don’t have much time left . But here is when you balance it out . You turn off the television and  write – everyday . It can be past midnight , but all is worth since , passion is passion . On the other hand , I don’t have to be infront of a computer or a desk . I can plan and plot my ideas , wherever ; shower , traveling or in bed before I crash .

Being a Virgo ; birth zodiac sign , I think a lot and have a very agile analytical mind . Putting my ideas into words and sentences , is the only hard-work I do , which pleases me to extent . Lingering from ideas to ideas, forming life-like stories , is enjoyable . Sprucing up the articles with humour , addding spice through suspense or intricate details , comes naturally to me . Writing acts like a fuel to my creativity . More I write , more I learn .




Every person following his passion , has an ardent wish that his passion enables him to reach sky-heights, quit his job one day and follow his passion for the years to come . Until then , I will continue switching between my academics and grinding out thousand words into penning articles through thoughts. The Obamas ,Modis, Tendulkars and Schumachers have made it large as their work is their passion.

My job and my passion have equal eminence in my life. Do share your stories in the comment section below.

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