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Navi Mumbai rising: 8 infrastructural development to watch out...

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March 24, 2015 Comments (0) Views: 9718 Cities & Lifestyle

Mumbai Nightlife: Top 6 Night clubs

Work work all day makes jack a dull boy. We are so busy and occupied with work and academics that we forget to live and enjoy our lives. Catching up with friends and loved ones at places that offer excellent ambience and “once in a lifetime” feel. Mumbai provides its people a chance to destress. No one can escape off the magic of Mumbai’s nightlife. Make sure you experience the top 6 places in the city with enriching night life:

  1. Tryst (High Street Phoenix, Lower Parel)


This club is a famous partying place for the teens.its generally jam packed especially on saturdays and wednesdays. one can never escape the high spirits of the club ..what makes it different from the others are  the crazy lighting effects that just add up to the  good music. the club is always occupied with very famous djs who never fail to make the crowd dance on their tunes . the club is full of life and energy and a perfect getaway for the party lovers.

  1. Trilogy (Sea Princess)


This club stands for its spacious multi level dance floors , techno lights and fab guests.this place has trippy lights and areas where who can just stand and grab a drink though  on weekends the place is crowded enough to let nobody move but just dance. manycelebritries are spotted here with their friends .

  1. LIV (Kala Ghoda, Fort)


Though the place is not very huge its ambience is what drives the crowd crazy . the club witnesses classy crowd this is the reason for the expensive drinks but its totally worth it because of the the place and the crowd .the best part is the changing led lightings on the ceiling and the good djs that don’t let the feeling pof the club fade even for a minute .

4. EXO (Palladium, Lower Parel)

This club is located on the 38th floor of the building. you can have your drinks and food while enjoying the beautiful view outside. the club is quite small but very vibrant. a chosen hangout place for many actors. its an expensive place but dancing on to the good music with the wonderful view outside its worth the money spent.people generally prefer pre boozing and then goin to this club to enjoy the pepppy music and the view.

  1. Royalty (Bandra West)


This club is quite spacious but always crowded. on a saturday night when you are in the partying zone this is the perfect place to let yourself go has a very good crowd and special effects too on occassions.there are many international djs coming to the club to play their music. the club is very energectic and full of life . but the club gets very crowded after 1130 so its better to occupy the dance floor before.

  1. Jersey 9 Sports Lounge (CBD Belapur)


Easy to your pockets, this lounge is for the sport lovers. Drive down to Belapur via the the all drivers and riders paradise, the Palm Beach road, to reach this place. Nothing matches a night out with friends over beer and a nail biting match.








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