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February 14, 2019 Comments Off on Mumbai Marathon 2019: Common Pitfalls Every Marathon Runner Must Avoid. Views: 184 Cities & Lifestyle

Mumbai Marathon 2019: Common Pitfalls Every Marathon Runner Must Avoid.

The most awaited marathon season is back with the New Year. The Mumbai Marathon is perhaps the most anticipated event of Mumbai. The people of Mumbai participate in the marathon with great enthusiasm. It’s also an opportunity to run for a cause that you support. The Mumbai marathon is fun with so many activities and active participation. Whether it is the dream run or 21 km marathon run, it reflects in the spirit of Mumbai and people running in the race. 

Mumbai marathon is held in Jan every year and participation is simply great. But, to participate in the marathon you must be healthy and hearty too. Even if you are running for a dream run of 7 km, you need to be fit. This year, if you are participating in the Mumbai marathon, then there are some pitfalls to keep in mind. As a marathon runner, it’s important to avoid these pitfalls. Read on to know more.

The problems faced by runners 

Speeding up when running the race is one thing that most runners do. Cramping and dehydration are also common. When you run, you tend to lose a lot of calories and that affects your hydration. If you suffer from muscle problems, then you can also face a problem of muscle spasm. Most runners also face the problem of uneven breathing. 

Problems Faced By Marathon Runners

If you do not have nutrient-rich foods, then it can affect your stamina. Also, don’t train too hard only for a marathon or else it can affect your physical fitness in the long run. If you hit the gym only for marathon training, then it can affect you later. Overtraining or pushing yourself too hard can have an impact on your body. This will affect you when you actually run the race. You must possibly avoid these mistakes if you want to complete a successful marathon run. 

Mistakes that you need to avoid 

Avoid Mistakes

Your practice session should be based on your comfort. Most runners ignore their body comfort when they run using a fitness band. Agreed, you need to achieve a goal for yourself. But, if you don’t listen to your body, it will affect you in a bad way. GPS in the wristwatch or band will give you the correct time. 

You can adjust to your running needs according to the pace of the watch. It’s like your running guide and you can follow it through. Set a speed that makes you comfortable and you will feel great. Running on flat ground is important when you are practicing. 

Health is the most important factor in life. If you are ill or feeling tired, then don’t practice. This will also affect your chances in the main marathon event. Your practice session also makes an impact. You need to practice at a time when you feel most active. The ideal time would be morning in this case. In fact, most long marathon runners practice early in the morning for consistency. If you have time constraints, you can also practice in the evening time. 

The recovery days 

You need to allocate some time to recover after your training session. Even if you are working or simply training for a marathon, recovery is important for your body. You can follow this with cross-training or an easy effort to run after your training session. 

Body Recovery

This gives your body time to recover and heal if your practice session is rigorous. You can also follow the recovery process through your own pace. Don’t take your watch along with you when you are practicing for a day. This way you can run at your own pace, your own comfortable pace. 

You have to pay special heed to your breathing pattern. If you are training for a marathon and you run too fast, it can affect your breathing. It’s good to monitor your breathing too. At regular intervals, check your breathing and pulse. If you feel any kind of overexertion, then stop for some time. 

If you follow the right kind of discipline while training for a marathon, the results will be amazing. Slow down when you feel that you are moving too fast. If you think you are going too fast, you can also walk for some time. This is also a great way to recover. 

Training at the right place and time

Training is the key to running any marathon whether 7 km or 21 km. Even if you are going to run the 7 km marathon, it’s important that you train in the right way. 18-week training in 6 weeks will have a bad impact on your body. You will exert yourself to a level that will cause muscle spasm and cramps. Time is the biggest factor in training. 

In fact, people who regularly run marathons dedicate set hours for training. There should be a right balance in time, distance and comfort of your body. You should have that stamina to cope up with weeks of training. 

For running a marathon, at least five to six weeks of training is important. But, that training should be planned in such a way that it gives out the right results. It should not affect your body mechanism and comfort. Eventually, you will improve with good training sessions. If you are running for the first time, then you must train for at least six weeks even for the dream run. The right training and balance is the key to winning the race. 


The training plan should be flexible and adaptable. You can also focus on the things that you eat. Diet plays a major role in your training. Have a balanced diet that is full of nutrients and proteins. It’s important to prepare your body for the demands of the race. Physical fitness is important but mental fitness is equally important. 

If you are running for a 21 km stretch, then you must follow these tips. There are many aspects of training, being comfortable with your body is the main aspect to consider. With the right kind of balance, you will enjoy even in the dream run. Also, don’t forget to focus on your goal as that is the main factor in training and running. Enjoy the marathon run and stay fit. 

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