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Home shifting? 5 Tips for packing fragile goods

HomesFY: Services for clutter-free homebuying

August 29, 2015 Comments (0) Views: 1762 Homesfy Blog

Moving in: Unpacking hacks and tricks

Packing and moving done, But the saga doesn’t just end there. The next step, tedious and long if done wrong, is UNPACKING. Many people cringe away from it. Because packing and moving itself takes a heavy toll. Once you shift in you lose the patience or simply become too lazy to get your belongs off the box. But don’t give up hope. With proper, efficient and effective planning you will reach our goal. Amen.

Here are some tips to help you out.

Inventory list:

This is your savior. Adhere to the inventory list as much as possible.  This will guide you through out the process. You check off every item once you open and empty the box. Beware, chances of misplacing, losing out or leaving behind are high during shifting and moving in period. However hectic, an inventory list is the best way to stay organized.

Tip: Use a fancy diary, To-do lister, Post- its



When you unpack, whatever you find is not useful simply stash it away. It isn’t always easy as “what if I need this in the future” creeps in. You don’t have to necessarily throw away the things you don’t require, instead donate them. Studies say, so do real life incidents, de-cluttering not only makes your luggage light but also makes way for fresh new things and very importantly, it is a source of rejuvenation and cleansing your mind process. Cut the clutter as much as you can.

Tip: Do not look back into the trash bag to “re-check” in case you accidently stashed away some valuables. You did not!

The Cupboards:


Once you know your house plan, putting up the furniture should be easy. Place the cabinets and cupboards in each room first thing.

Tip: These consume maximum spaces but also store the many small items (clothes, glass-wares, other requisites) in them

Pick the important:

Start with the most essential box. That mean it was loaded the last. Take that out first.
1) Start out with the bathroom essential box.  Your toiletries, medicines etc
2) Pick out your bed room next. Pick one room at a time. Start off with linens, bed sheets, and curtains. Fill in one room’s cabinet at a time. Do not rush.
3)bedrooms can be unpacked by each member of the family.
4)closet arrangement should be done first.

Kitchen should be your next step.


Get your takeaways and parcels for the first few days, as it might be really hectic to unpack and do the cooking. You can take up organizing your kitchen on the later half. Some might beg to differ on this as let’s agree, many a times we have seen families shifting to a new place doing up their kitchen the first thing such that it can support home-cooked meals. Cooking, cutting, washing dishes are time consuming tasks that need special attention which is practically least possible when your entire house is a cluttered mess. Give it a few days as we want your kitchen to be dolled up beautifully and sparkling clean when you start!

Pet Safety Alert!


If you own a pet which is too small in size, perhaps a puppy, kitten, bird or anything just small, they would have 2 extremely dangerous tendencies – Peeing in the boxes, hiding in them (never to be found). Stay allert, put them at a friend’s for the time being or choose a neat shelter for the few days as you unpack tension-free.

Tips: Keep them safe in a ventilated, clean room (not the balcony/ deck) of the house with ample food, water, something to play with and a warm bed to keep going for the day

Start hanging your picture. It gives a home sweet home effect and makes it comfortable.

Before you start off with the decorative make a mental image of the décor.  It makes things easier .

A clean and well ordered kitchen reflects the family’s hygiene and state of mind. Make sure you have stashed away the dusted and broken storage containers, wipe/ wash the utensils and crockeries before placing them on the shelves, wipe the shelves too of dust n insects.

After the rigorous task of unpacking and organizing the new home, the exasperating task of cleaning remains.


Phew! Homesfy provides excellent budget friendly Moving In packages that take care of cleaning the house pristinely, wavering off the insects and germs with organic pest control services and quick and efficient handyman services to take care of the drilling, fixing, plumbing and other brisk jobs, all done by professionals in a short timeline without you having to raise a finger.



Excerpts of Homesfy Services

Try making the unpacking fun, by playing music or call in your friends, neighbors and family. This might also give you an opportunity to know the people around and you can as well do with some help.

Happy Unpacking!





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