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Lodha Palava: Transforming the Lives of its Residents

March 15, 2019 Comments (0) Views: 6 Cities & Lifestyle, Real Estate, Real Estate Market, Real Estate News, Real Estate Trends, Real Reviews

Lodha Palava: Transforming the Lives of its Residents

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In India, most of the residential areas are such where mere living is a task, let alone living your dreams. Most of the houses made of bricks and mortar, very few of them turn in dream houses. However, dreams are seen in every house no matter what it is made of it. Well,  That is why Lodha Palava built homes with every possible amenity and facility that support your lifestyle and turn your dreams into reality.

Well, how does Lodha do it?

Palava proudly calls itself – ‘City of Opportunities’ and it takes the tag quite seriously by offering many various playful activities and amenities that make it residents happy.

Best Learning and Education Facilities

Lodha Palava - A City Where Education is The Key to the Future

Palava has certainly become an education hub in the vicinity of Mumbai with some of the best school chains. The focus of schools like Sriram Universal School and Lodha World School is more on giving practical knowledge to the young guns of Palava. These schools strive to create an environment in schools which help students become more practical and sporty and not just remain constricted to the books.

What resident of Palava has to say?

What resident of Lodha Palava has to say?

“Schools top-notch facilities have always pursued me to send my child to Lodha World School without giving any second thoughts to it. The school has a reputation with competitive faculties, safety, security, facilities and practical ways of teaching. Besides, the schools are just at a walking distance from the home and I don’t feel the stress of sending and bringing back my child from the school. It is near a walkable distance and makes me feel good about it. With so much time being saved, I decided to explore all other scopes of making myself busy. So, I decided to start my own business of homemade farsan, and slowly ventured out and started taking orders for chakklis, sweets, and farsan. Eventually, I started my own catering business and the look of satisfaction on people’s faces makes me happy.”- Madhuri Amte, a homemaker turned businesswoman.

Rich natural surroundings

Lodha Palava Rich natural surroundings

Lodha Palava, as it says, is a world of opportunities, and have a bit to offer to everyone. Be it a school going child or be it a 60-year-old retired citizen, Palava doesn’t fail to surprise you with its meticulously designed neighborhood, brimming with the natural beauty and a life of charm and fine living. Open green spaces, walking lanes of whispering leave, and a puff of fresh air certainly will help you age better and happier.

Naresh Bhatnagar. A resident of Lodha Palava says- “It’s been 5 years since I moved to Palava, post my retirement and I can easily claim that Lodha Palava has given me much more ever since I started residing here. People here in Palava are progressive, positive and like-minded.

“Being a founding member of the Senior Citizens’ Foundation of Lodha Palava, it gives me a lot of happiness to interact with people of same intellect and interests.  It started initially with the small sessions in the gardens of Lodha Palava and now has evolved into a group of 2000 members who travel to different places of the country.” Says a Palava Resident

Coming out of the mouth of the residents of Palava give it a credible image in front of you and if that’s not sufficient to claim it as ‘the transforming smart city’, then what else will.

Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) in its “Livability Quotient – A Paradigm Shift in India’s Emerging Cities’ Report 2017” ranked Palava as India’s no.1 smart city.

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