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March 2, 2015 Comments (0) Views: 3989 Cities & Lifestyle

Late night cravings: 6 awesome late night eateries in Mumbai

Mumbai is very famously addressed as the city that never sleeps. It is in a very clichéd approach that we can call Mumbai the New York of India, but that is the truth. The dazzling city mesmerizes every soul who wants to chase their dreams. The city is always buzzing, always alive. Even in the wee hours of the night when we’re supposedly not allowed to be out on the streets, the streets are filled with young enthusiasts, wanting to breathe in the passion that flows out from every crack of every wall in this city.

M at N 1


We’ve stood unshaken in this world of ups and downs, be in natural calamities or terrorist attacks, Mumbai has never stopped beating.

As overused as these are, what is it that keeps it alive when all the other places in the country are tucked into the comfort of their bed?35612210_a31e31e1e4_z


No matter how hardworking you are, how passionate you are to chase your dreams, your tired bones will call out to you to rest, to take a break and start again. It’s only when you ignore the call of your aching bones will you able to survive in a city like Mumbai where the fast paced life will leave you breathless.


How is it that we manage to not be seized by sleep and always be fuelled up for the next day? Well ask this question to any Mumbaikar and they’ll say “The recipe for the energy to stay up all night is packed into a cutting chai.”

Even though the cops won’t let any place be open post 1:30 am, there are a few places in Mumbai and the suburbs that by any means stay open post 1:30 deadline, just to fulfil those post-midnight hunger pangs most likely being brought on by the enthusiastic hard workers and the need to fuel the young souls.

Whether you’re looking for a full-fledged meal or a midnight snack, these places are the answers to your growling stomachs.

  1. Bademiya, Colaba


One of the first places that springs up when you talk about midnight snack is Bademiye. The ride towards this iconic roadside joint is just another perk. Although because of it’s fame, the food gets over by 2:30am, you can hang around there, eat and just re energize yourself. Famous for its veg and non-veg rolls, the food is succulent and filling. This joint stays open till 4am in the morning but because of it’s less seating space, having a car or a bike makes it more feasible to eat here.

2. Ayyub’s, Fort


This place is a quieter, much cheaper version of the Bademiya. This place has foods of all kinds, be it snacks or midnight meals. It’s famous for paneer delicacies and north Indian food.

3. Moghul Sarai, Bandramughalsarai-1

This is place is open almost for the entire night, serving mouth-watering delicious rolls to its customers. All and any of their rolls are to die for. It serves cheap but amazing Mughlai food to the ones seeking a refuge from their hunger pangs. Situated near the Bandra station, the commute to this place is easier as well.

  1. Sigdi, Bandra


Although this restaurant shuts down by 1:30 am, the take out section stays open till upto 7 in the morning. So if you want to grab a snack on your way home or after a chilled out night with your friends, this is your go to place.

  1. Bachelor’s, Charni Road5586159844_f17a1a6d3b

Although this is a road side stall with no seating arrangement, it is one of the most famous place to enjoy a juice or a milkshake. If there is any place in the Mumbai which will make you a strawberry hater into a strawberry lover, it is the milkshake from this joint.

  1. Haji Ali Juice Centre, Mahalaxmi6a (1)

This place is a favourite of the Mumbaikars. It is almost always full with people ordering various multi-coloured desserts, milkshakes and ice creams. After a snack at the joints open post-midnight, this place is where one should go to wrap up the entire experience eating after 1am.

The list of joints and stalls that are a boon to late night workers, or people to calm their hunger pangs, or just enjoy food in the pleasant night air, doesn’t end here. Zaffran at CST, Amar Juice Centre at Vile Parle, Mini Punjab at Bandra, Kareems at Juhu are just the beginning of the late night escapades that you can have amongst the various food stalls lined up along railway stations and the vendors that line up against the marine lines, bandstand selling food.



Mumbai is a city built on trust. The words ‘impossible’ and ‘cant’ mean nothing to us. Although the spirit of Mumbai never dies, the residents and late night foodies are compelled to stay home and sleep by stone-age laws. The night-life of Mumbai has been taken away by the laws and cops, who have taken away Mumbai’s much glorified times from the past, where Mumbai was alive during the day but it was active during the night too.

Through recent years where the night fire has been dosed down by cops, change is around the corner. YuvaSena Chief, Aditya Thackeray has said he has discussed plans for revival of the glorious nightlife of Mumbai and so far he has gotten positive responses from Mumbai Police, MLAs and the CM of Maharastra.

My fellow Mumbaikars, being someone who loves to drive around at night and grab a bite, call me selfish or call it voicing what we all want, I am determined to get this proposal rolling and implemented. I am determined to change the way our city that never sleeps is put to sleep.

I will be pushing this proposal forward as I am determined to give Mumbaikars a whole new world.  I hope you stand by me, while we get this rolling and when it is implemented.

As I said before, this works on trust, and I have full faith in my fellow Mumbaikars!” – Aditya Thackeray.




This change will just cast the golden spirit of Mumbai and give it wings to fly. The value of dreams in is greater than any other obstacle in the way of Mumbaikars. The only aim of the souls welcomed into the arms of this city is being able to reach the top and never look down, to fuel the jets of success and live life to the fullest.

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