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India’s top real estate investment destinations of 2015

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March 9, 2016 Comments (1) Views: 1447 Real Estate Investment

Investment In 2016

Real estate has always been one of the major industry which attracts investment. It is one of the major assets for investment. One of the factors that favor this bet is high returns as compared to any other market. It is observed that people have seen a growth of 200% in 5 years in few regions.

In last few year, the real estate market has been sluggish. Hence, people are sceptical of investing in real estate. So, what this year will hold for the investors.  According to some reports, this year will be good for investment in real estate as real estate market is reviving.

So, what are the best places to invest in 2016?

After going through a lot of report by major houses in the market, following are the top 5 places for investment.

1)      Mumbai: Mumbai has always been a market for investment. Considering this as a financial capital the demand to have an address in Mumbai is very high. Mumbai is a fastest growing city in India. As, Mumbai is saturated with the development all the companies are now shifting their focus to Panvel, Ulwe, Thane. These are one of the most looked after regions to invest. Also, the new airport is work may start soon the demand for real estate near that region has already seen an uprising. Along with infrastructure (Rail connectivity, roadways) and modernization. These region will give you better returns than any other region in Mumbai.


2)      Bangalore: In recent years south & east Bangalore has witnessed a growth. Bangalore, as considered as India’s IT capital, has been in the news for various reasons. Bangalore is also becoming a startup city with loads of startup’s nourishing in this region, the demand for home & raise in property rates are inevitable. This year might be the time when Bangalore skyline will be visible for rest of India.



3)      Pune: Pune inclusion in smart city list is only catalysing the demand of this place. The real estate market is riding on high with lots of development in areas like wakad & wagholi the demand for homes is high. Also, one of the factors which are favouring the real estate market in Pune is approval of new airport. By inclusion of this infrastructure in their armoury the growth of the city is starting to pick up some pace. Keep looking out for Pune market  as this can be a game changer.



4)      Hyderabad: Hyderabad market was going through a rough patch because of the political turmoil. But, as things are settling up the real estate market is in the launch for an upswing. At present, the rate is not too high, which is one of the most favored points for investors. However, in upcoming times, the region can see a rise in prices.


5)      NCR:  NCR is one region which is seeing a huge amount of development. As there are not a large number of approvals required & also the materials are cheaper than rest of the India. The real estate development has taken a fast route. The returns are not exponential but one can expect average returns. Golf race course & New Gurgaon are the regions which may prove good for investment.


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