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May 21, 2015 Comments (1) Views: 1362 Cities & Lifestyle

Inspiring tale of a true Mumbaikar

It’s the 1960s and the day is 12th June. The area that he is born in is the common Maharashtrian area, Dadar. A young boy is born and obviously his parents are very proud. He is the youngest of them all. The most loved, adored and as always he gets the advantage of being the smallest and the cutest. But as we all know, life is not always good, it has its bad times too and so, their time changed. With the sudden death of their father they were abandoned. Their millions of vulnerable dreams shattered. But not him, the boy kept dreaming and oh boy! did he dream big!

In Mumbai, we arrive with millions of dreams and aspirations; after all, Mumbai is eminent as the city of dreams. Everyone transpire high hopes, hopes of being famous someday, hopes that they would be ‘celebrated’. But not everyone’s dreams come true. If this city is famous for fulfilling dreams so it is for breaking dreams too.

Time passes by and this boy is now 15 years old. Struggling to fulfill his ends meets, probably he had accepted how life was and he was ready to compromise. He had already given up to his circumstances and he did nothing to change them until that astounding day arrived. Sitting at Shivaji Park, sipping into humble cutting chai, he saw a man, dressed in the most elegant way possible. He was travelling in his posh Mercedes Benz with his wife, his two kids and their dog. They looked so happy and contended. And that’s when those dreams came rushing back, this time only stronger. He decided he wanted that life and he was ready to do whatever it takes to achieve it. That was the day when he left his friends, when he left Shivaji Park and never went back there again.

He had to give up on a lot of things such as his friends, his sleep, his rest and he did it. That boy struggled hard, took two different jobs to support his family and to get an education. But he did it, after so many years of struggling and very hard working, he had managed to get 3 degrees and he managed to start making the life he always wanted for himself.

That boy had a dream and that was to be like the man that he saw, and he would not rest till he had achieved it. 10 years later, that man now, owns a house with a beautiful wife and two lovely daughters. He was never recognized as the best businessman in India or in Mumbai, but he was happy. He was happy because in Mumbai where millions of dreams crash every day, somehow his had managed to survive. And now, even after about 20 years have gone by since he achieved his dreams, he still never goes back. He never goes back to the Shivaji park to drink their special cutting chai, but every time he passes through the area he can’t help but think how his life would have turned out to be had he not gotten up that day, had he not left everything behind that day for the things that he has now, he can’t help but wonder if Mumbai would have still been this amazing, this giving had he not decided to turn his life upside down?

He was not recognized, but he was happy and contended for he had all the things that ever mattered to him, his wife his life and his everything. The story of my Father Mr. Shankar Madhav Phadke.

One Response to Inspiring tale of a true Mumbaikar

  1.' Vedant Deshpande says:

    Truly an inspiring story.. 🙂 You have put it up so well.. 🙂 So proud of you.. 😀

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