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Moving in: Unpacking hacks and tricks

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September 3, 2015 Comments (0) Views: 1658 Homesfy Blog

HomesFY: Services for clutter-free homebuying


Being a part of one of the world’s 13th best city to live in comes with its own baggage. You can put in all your effort, be as amazing as you can, succeed and become what you want to be, but you still might be short of a good place to live. Just to fulfill that one dream, you might have to travel 4 hours just because you didn’t get the place you wished for, for you have no clue about real estate. Well, here’s a good news for you- HomesFY is right here to guide you and help you get a step closer to what you want. Because after all, finding someone who knows what problems you’re facing and helping you to solve those is what we Mumbaikars are famous for.

So while you were deciding on which area would be convenient for you or what kind of a house you’d prefer, how much should be the price or how much should the broker charge, we, at HomesFY thought of ideas to make sure you don’t have to do that anymore. Still finding it difficult to digest this, here are 7 reasons why HomesFY is the solution to all your house-hunting woes:

No need to spend countless hours on finding homes

Successful financial plans

The most important thing while searching for a home is the fact that you have to FIND A HOME. Normally, it takes around three-four weeks to search for places and then go and hunt for those addresses in this humid climate with scarce support. How about pre-designed home-hunting process with real estate educated individuals, a customer- centric approach with sincere quality delivery? Welcome to HomesFY!

Searching around the city with brash people? Not anymore.


If by chance you manage to find a home, getting to know everything about it without having a heated argument with your broker is a little tough. HomesFY is making that task a lot easier for you- You are assisted, accompanied and consulted by professionals who immaculately present the city’s real estate story, trends, rates and all that you need to know before investing that big bulk of money in a Mumbai property.

Know your Neighborhood


We scan, understand and structure a thoroughly professional and crisp locality trip for you and your family such that you know the neighborhoods, the good, bad and average of it before investing big bucks or planning to shift in. 7 out of 10 home-buyers in the city have confessed to wrong choice of locality with respect to commute, kids, ladies of the house or simply the neighbors.


More than 150 filter options


Choosing a house means choosing out of a hundred different options according to your needs- be it a house with a terrace/ deck, pooja room, garage, pantry, door security or perhaps vertical gardening, chauffer driven door services, on call services and many many more . How convenient would it be if you had someone to sort this for you! HomesFY is at your rescue. With more than 150 options to filter through, you can hunt down the best suited home for you and your family at the drop of a hat.

Solution to your Post- sales Financial worries too!


Another problem with having a broker with you is not having absolute transparency when it comes to pricing. HomesFY will be your financial aid when it comes any post- sales financial activities like loan, documentation services, re-development issues, discrepancy in rates and rental issues.

You are ready and your home is too!


It might just happen that after all the effort that you’ve put in, you do find your perfect home but it might not be ready for you to move-in. Give in further efforts after all the home-buying hassles? Don’t do that as HomesFY offers a plethora of Move-in services to get your treasured new home spik and span ready, that too at surprisingly pocket-friendly rates.

Not just a deal, it’s fulfilling a dream


We, at HomesFY, understand how big a difference it is when you get just a house and when you get your dream house. Our efforts and your choices will get you the kind of place you want. For us, it’s not just a deal, it’s fulfilling someone’s dream.


So the next time you’re searching for a new home, or perhaps single services, HomesFY takes into account your repose as it starts working where other portals stop.

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