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Homesfy features in YourStory– improving move-in experience of home...

1000 Brokers & still counting

1000 Broker & Counting

April 2, 2016 Comments (0) Views: 1533 Homesfy Blog

Homesfy Propscouts Changing Rental Market Interface

Home is always an important investment for anybody’s life. A place where people spend most of its lifespan is as important as any other thing in life. Home being a huge investment for any individual,  people generally tends to crave for best inventory available for them. But, finding a suitable residency for oneself is a very haphazard process & homesfy want to bridge this gap by letting their propscout find best solution for your home problem.

For booking any property an individual has to  go through the different property to chose the best property for them, this in result takes lots of time. Along, with the factor that half of the property that they see are not worth wasting time for. So, shortlisting of property is one of the biggest factors while booking.

Before buying property people are not aware of specifications of home like what is exact carpet & saleable area, what is the best alternative for one property & also what is pros & cons of any property.

So, where does homesfy comes into the picture?

Homesfy is acting as a layer between client & Broker. So, we want to create a business that will not only reduce the duration of shortlisting of property but will also provide them with best available inventory.

According to the need of the customer, we will short list the best possible inventories for them & will help them to visit the site & clear all their doubts regarding the property.

The broker will have a huge role to play in this system, as most of the property will be listed by them on Homesfy portal which will be available with us for better screening.

Screening of property

In brief, if there is a requirement of the customer, he will come to us & ask us to solve the problem. In return, we will shortlist the best property for him & explain him everything like areas, payment schedule, pros & cons & close the deal.

Closing the deal



The result will be great of everyone; customer will have a quick solution to their home seeking problem, Homesfy will help more and more individual to fulfill their home dream, and for the brokers they can sell their property with ease.

We are here to provide a one-stop solution to the customer soon we have already started our services like a rental agreement, moving & shifting of home & also getting home solution services.


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