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Moving in: Unpacking hacks and tricks

August 22, 2015 Comments (0) Views: 1516 Homesfy Blog

Home shifting? 5 Tips for packing fragile goods


While we are packing, we need to think of the delicate items first,. They need more attention, as usually they are pricelessly expensive and let’s not mention the emotional attachment. Your dish ware, collectibles, mirrors, lamps, pictures, frames, paintings, sculptures etc need special care and attention. I have heard of various moving tragedies, where mostly the story ends with a vintage porcelain crockery was cracked , or maybe an entire dinner set was found smashed. Many sad tears were shed over broken hearts and dishes but fear not. These tips may not help you with your broken heart but definitely will check your fragile items safety.



Advanced planning:


The most important part of any shifting is planning. Make a check list of all your valuable things. And another of what you will need to buy or maybe in Mumbai language “jugaad” to wrap your things. Rushing things are okay. But not when it comes to packing your stuff. Do not rush. Keep calm.

Getting your things


After you are done making your checklist, get the armour which will protect your items. You will need these the most: pliable cardboard, packing paper, scissors, and packing tape, quality boxes in various sizes, bubble wrap. Lay them out systematically on a large open space.

Packing various Items

1) Chinaware, Dish ware, plates :

Individually wrap the dishes with Bubble Wrap and secure it with good quality tape.  Fill in the bowls and vases with Styrofoam, paper pieces, bubble wraps.  After placing them in the box , pre lined with wraps and paper fill in the empty spaces with Styrofoam pellets.  Use ample tape to secure the item.

    2)Pictures and Mirrors:

As has been said, wrap your painting or frame or mirror well with newspaper and ample bubble wraps. Handle it with care even while packing. Use tapes. Once done. Acquire boxes similar to its size. Once don’t tape it up securely.

    3) Decors:


Usually sculptures cannot be places in boxes. But that’s okay. Please keep in mind to use generous amount of bubble wraps. Wrap them completely. Place them in pliable cardboard. Place another identical piece of cardboard on top of the item. Bend the cardboards to meet the ends. Don’t be shy with the tape. Wrap the entire piece with tape if necessary. Make sure you keep the item as snug as possible. Then place the piece in a paper lined box that’s roughly the same size as the object, placing crumpled paper in any gaps. Finally, tape up the box securely and mark in bold felt marker: FRAGILE.

   4) TV and Music System:

Try to use the original boxes given by the manufacturers, if you don’t have it try getting from scrap stores. They usually keep it. Wrap it again by bubble wrap before putting them in your boxes.

The Don’ts :

Do not use paper towels, newsprints, small blankets ,old towels etc. old towels can become slippery and cannot be secured with a tap thus packing items with them is pointless. Newsprints can make your wares become dirty, that is just double work. Use proper tools to keep it safe and tension free.

Avoid mobility:


Use corrugated dividers, sheets of Styrofoam , bubble wraps, polystyrene balls to secure your items . The main idea is not to let them move around while moving, loading or unloading.

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