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February 17, 2020 Comments Off on 2020: 5 Home Decor Trends that Will Rock the Charts this Year. Views: 402 Home Decor

2020: 5 Home Decor Trends that Will Rock the Charts this Year.

Home is where the heart is, and the heart should definitely not suffer an attack upon entering that space. Just kidding. Home decor is no longer a simple affair. It has become an elusive and exclusive one. Of course, it should contain personalized elements that speak your heart out, but overall, it also needs to be a symbol of your status. As we are entering not just a new year but a new decade altogether with 2020, let’s peek into the home decor trends that are definitely going to rock the charts this year. Ready to take notes? Here we go.

Drive Home to Blues

drive home to blues

Well, blue may be the color associated with gloom in the past, not anymore. It’s time to embrace Navy Blue in your abode because this is the latest and trendiest tenet marching forth in home decor. Navy blue can be used as a contrasting shade to bring a new vibe to your corner, along with pastels or even classic white. It can even be used as a wall frame on which you can put your decorative items or pictures, whatever suits you best. Bring on that sophistication!

Say Bye to White Kitchens

Say Bye to White Kitchens

For as long as one can remember, kitchen decor has been the most neglected one. No wonder white has been assigned to it, a pretty but lazy color. However, the 2020 home decor trend has whitewashed the white, literally. Wood cabinets, shelves, and islands are set to make space in your kitchen and will transform it into an airy and vibrant space, which it ideally should be.

Can you Canopy?

Home Decor Trends - Can you Canopy?

Hell yes! Canopy beds are making a comeback and are no longer just a part of regal lifestyles. These beds are making a comeback in mainstream homes and transforming your decor, in the form of acrylic and metal, with their sleeker modern versions.

Love those Curves

 curved sofa

Yours, yes, but there is another part of 2020 home decor trends which pushes you to love curves; in sofas, yes. Curved sofas are a big trend this year. These not only complement your corners but also save space if you know how and where to place it. 

Pop Cabinets

 pop cabinet

Since times immemorial we have been seeing cabinets that are either woody brown or white or even plain old steel. No more. 2020 home decor trends suggest that you bring about a pop of color to your cabinets. Pink, blue, red, go all out and complement your walls with the color of your choice when it comes to choosing it for your cabinets.

2020 is the year of transformation in home decor. Are you ready to give your house a spin? Keep reading and following for more tips and tricks to be in trend.

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