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October 14, 2015 Comments (0) Views: 3136 Home Decor

Healthy Home Interiors for Kids


If you’re like most new parents, you’ll intermittently find yourself wishing you could bubble-wrap your baby to shield him or her from life’s bumps and bruises. With such tiny hands and feet you’d also want to keep the kid off guard and away from all the dangers that can possibly harm. Of course you can’t keep him or her in isolation without anything around, but you can take paces to create an environment that’s as safe as possible.



Everyone wants their home to be a safe shelter where you can rest easy and relax. Supremely, your home would be a place where you can enjoy quality time with those that are most important to you, your family, friends, and pets.home is never the place where kids run from, it’s the place they run towards.Achieving such an environment not only requires that your special people are in it, but means that the space itself emits a positiveaura or a welcoming vibe. This is where the interior planning turns out to be an essential part of making a house feel like a home. And that’s where the homesfy steps in for the primary work.  Even before you move in, all the hassles of handyman services, pest control, internet/phone/ DTH connection, home cleaning, space management and much more is being taken care by the homesfy service providers.

Kids are vulnerable



They usually cannot judge the consequences of their actions and end up either gulping down some piece of an interior or fall head over heels while running or crawling around the house. Since they aren’t the one to be looking after the hurdles they come across. The house should be constructed and designed in a way where running, jumping, and toppling, twirling, sleeping and tossing becomes danger free for the tiny little souls.

As stated by the pediatrician at Oregon health and science in Portland, ore “Before the age of two, there should be no bumpers, pillows, toys, or heavy blankets in the crib with your baby”.  New born baby is like a ball of love, to be kept with a lot of care, too precious to be hurt. As they grow up into being a toddler love to climb. “A bookshelf or dresser can be very tempting and alluring but also very dangerous if it falls on your child,” says Dr. Hoffman. Most furniture outlets and home centers sell easy-to-install anchoring systems with webbing straps you fasten to the back of the furniture piece and to the wall.Thus anchor large furniture can be a preventive way of putting up as a safety measure.

Consider fire safety.



Taking these tips from the National Fire Prevention Association can give you a better and the safer home environment.Install a smoke detector inside the child’s room, and in the hallway right outside it.If the room is situated on the second floor, keep a fire escape ladder near the window and make sure older children knows how to use it.Go over a fire escape emigration plan with older children, and launch a meeting place outside the home. Keep the gas knob off while the kids are around and alone. Also, the inflammable or electric sensitive materials should be placed beyond the reach of the children. The new generation kids are fascinated by anything and everything that they see and thus, making sure that no dangerous appliance catches the kid’s eyes.

Control the cords. Cover the outlet and choking hazards.



Window cords can stance an impending strangulation threat to young children. “Your best measure is to choose window treatments with no cords,” as stated by designer Nancy Barrett, ASID, of Decorating Den Interiors in Chesterfield, MO. Or else, you can retrofit and replace existing shades or blinds with cord-safety devices, or renovation to new products that conform to today’s more rigorous safety regulations. Most of kids have gone   into the emergency room after sticking a key or something metal into an electrical outlet, as per records. Thus, it’s always a smart move and a preventive idea to keep them plugged with safety covers. While you’re at it, be sure to sheltered cords for table lamps, clocks, and speakers to furnishings or the wall so your toddler can’t pull on them and get himself in trouble. Also, anything small enough to be gulped down is a down right choking hazard for your baby, avoid things lying down in and around your house.



Let your house be baby protected and it’ll solve half your problems down. Let them make a mess, laugh and dance around. They are meant to be adorable and clumsy, let them be.  Don’t restrict the innocence, just shield it.


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