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Asavari Pall- A Modern Mom and Your Home Buddy!!

Palava 150

Homesfy & 150 happy owners in Lodha Palava City...

January 5, 2015 Comments (2) Views: 15806 Homesfy Blog

happy b’day blog is audacious act of making any property transaction a standardized process. Cheeky (as it may sound)!! We want to ease out every single pain while you buy, sell or rent property.

Welcome to blog

Product we have planned has potential to change how people will transect property in India; most want to know how and when. We’re starting a blog so that we can constantly update you. Our bloggers have remarkable personas and they have promised to speak their heart out. Our lens champs are magical story tellers – They pursuit – ” Har ghar kuch kehta hain but baat kerna padta hain ”


Cheers !!


[email protected]

2 Responses to happy b’day blog

  1.' Ashok G says:

    Looks interesting !!

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