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How Diwali is celebrated in different parts of India

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November 10, 2015 Comments (11) Views: 1647 Cities & Lifestyle

Festivals and De-Cluttering

India, with its countless customs and ethnicity, is filled with a kind of drive that is distinctive in all the festivals that are celebrated round the calendar.

The month of October- November rings the spiritual bells for some of the major festivals of the country including Navratri, Dussehra, Diwali and Bhai Dooj.

Diwali, the festival of illumination and onset of a new year for most of the Hindus, is a time to celebrate belongingness and fortune. A clean happy home during this auspicious occasion marks for Goddess Laxmi to enter your abode.

There are numerous legends adjoining this fascinating and captivating Indian festival and it is remarkable to see how people get busy with preparations for the lovely event.

family 1

Diwali, these days have become an official time to hit the dust out of people’s house and to notice, not just Hindus but everyone. Typically it is the first weekend of the month of Diwali when everybody in the family will find their holiday mood rationalized to the cleaning spirit. Households see preparation of savouries, snacks and traditional sweets, wrapping gifts and giggling over their cuppa chai in anticipation of getting together with friends and loved ones.

All resolutions aside, most of us unavoidably tend to get in a furious rush to get our homes worth looking before Diwali. Kickstarting the cleaning process a little previous will safeguard that your house is sparkling through the festive season with positive vibes.

Since you don’t want to spend the festival eve running around the house with a broom and a bucket (especially for the domestic goddess of the house), here’s a way you should start it and let it roll, let’s get started!

  1. Begin with the kitchen (where else will you make those amazing delicacies)


All unwanted stuff, broken cookers and pans, unused plastic tiffin and take away carriers, steel plates that are no longer used – that have been thrown into the attic above, get rid of them all.

Kitchen floors, walls and the gas stove royally gets a dressing and scrubbing session, essentially with hot water, soap solution and vinegar.

Every vessel used is scoured, every shelf lathered up and left to dry, every salt shaker and pickle holder is squashed out and cleaned of grease and accumulated sloppiness.

  1. Bedroom


If you are working, studying or a domestic goddess, curling up in your bedroom that is tidy and done up to suite your taste is the ultimate pleasure. Take extra care in cleaning this space, same as you did while dolling it up. Mop every nook and corner, wash the furnishings and replace the existing ones with the new, throw away the empty pots of cosmeticsation to the needy. The cupboards must undergo a makeover, with new clothes replacing old ones, dusting off the accumulated dirt, pinning in mothballs, put the winter wear into sunlight and pack back the fluffy wools as you await the season.

If you are in anyway like me, you dump things you don’t want to deal with under your bed. Your bed/ attic may, therefore, be a deadly hoard of:

  • Old clothes- The outdated tops, tiny dresses that you have little hopes of fitting in or the skirt you accidentally thought was pretty (if you are really hesitant then keep those pair of old denims if they fit, you cannot run out of style with them)
  • Broken handbags-Will you ever take them to the repair shop, or you will just keep on thinking about it.
  • Strange gifts you receive that you think you will pass on but never did.
  • Your baby’s old stuff which is just too precious to be given away.


  1. Living Room

indian living room


This room, being the highlight of the family dwelling gets a makeover. Not just with spotlessness and refreshing up, but also with new and fancy furnishings and decor.  The walls are cleared and then the furniture is wiped clean. Unused shoe polish, blistering shoe brushes and slippers that unusually get back to the shoe rack are finally thrown away. The room which has the most guest is all styled up with jazzy festive mood, lots of lights and colors.

  1. The bath


Every clutched toothpaste that forgot to be hidden in the dustbin, empty shampoo bottle, old toothbrush gets thrown out of the shelves along with a strange toothbrush which no one in the family ever uses. Mirrors are literally refined with water and newspaper and the floors are mopped clean. Extra efforts go into sanitizing the bathroom sanitary.


  1. De-clutter!


Stick to the six months rule, if things haven’t been used for more than six months, de-clutter and make way for useful things in your living spaces. Don’t forget to donate certain items to the needy.

Save only one-two items of sentimentality and junk the rest. Those items you think may have some worth can be sold on several online portals that pay you a price for disposing things ranging from old clothes to furnitures, furnishings, appliances etc.

  1. Floors

Use less frothy cleaners and disinfectants for mopping the floor. Scrub clean the surfaces and make sure you wipe them back to regain friction (soap water can make your floor tiles slippery).

Important is to de-clutter your home, it not only cleans the junk of your house, but a clean place always emits a positive vibrant energy. Place the beautiful sofa covers, new pillow covers, new linens, curtains and drapes in your home and lighten up the house with diyas, candles and lanterns.

diwali sweets1

Diwali is not just about lights, decors and crackers. It’s about the festive aura, the fresh start to the new beginning, the tranquility which brings everyone together irrespective of who they are, it’s about beginning a year on a prosperous note. A clean surrounding ALWAYS ensure novelty in the household and takes away 60% of your stress.

For hassle-free, easy to pockets and professional services, Homesfy caters to every home improvement, pre and post move-in requisite.

Make way for a spotless place to live in. Team homesfy wishes you all a very happy and blissful Diwali!




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