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How Thane is preparing for the Future?

How Thane is preparing for the Future?


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Can Marriage be the Path to your Dream House?

January 23, 2020 Comments Off on Love Per Square Foot: Can Marriage be the Path to your Dream House? Views: 763 Cities & Lifestyle

Love Per Square Foot: Can Marriage be the Path to your Dream House?

“It’s a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.”

When Mrs. Bennet uttered the aforementioned words in the 18th-century setup of England, in the universe created by Jane Austen, none thought that it would ring true for centuries afterward. Well, for whatever it’s worth, the arrangement of marriage has surely evolved. 

Love Per Square Foot: Can Marriage be the Path to your Dream House?-Getting Married

While earlier, it was majorly an arrangement amidst the families, with time the consent of those involved has taken an upper hand. Come to think of it, whether or not you like the system, marriage does have its perks in a society such as ours. For starters, it makes it easy to have a home of your own, rented or owned.

So, can get married make you clench your dream house? 

Even better, it can help you get the home of your dreams. And who knows, maybe you can get a soulmate in the process. Watch ‘Love Per Square Foot’ on Netflix and you’ll get what we are saying. Sometimes, in the rushed hours of our hustled city lives, the order of love-marriage-house can be reversed or scrambled, with results just as soothing as sweet.

For such couples, who have already tied the knot or are thinking of getting hitched, Aditya Birla Housing Finance Limited has come up with excellent schemes, in sync with the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna. 

Though the scheme is open for singles too, if you are a couple, it will be easier for you, and your burden of the loan will also be shared.

There is a huge benefit if you apply for an interest subsidy under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana as a married couple. We will tell you how. 

If you are both earning, jointly, you will be eligible for a higher amount of subsidy. This is because the criteria of eligibility are decided basis the household income and not the individual income. 

Thus, if you are a single man or woman looking for a housing subsidy, and have an annual income of 6,00,000, only 60 sq. m of dwelling carpet area would be covered with 6,00,000 being the eligible housing loan amount for interest subsidy. 

Home Loan

On the other hand, if you are married, and the household income is 18,00,000, the amount of eligible housing loan amount would jump to 12,000,000.

We know, marrying for a house is not exactly the stuff of dreams. Have you ever seen Shah Rukh Khan proposing to his heroine with housing papers in his hands? But then, those were the times, simpler ones, when sentiments trumped practicality, at least on the screen. 

The lovers of today know how swiftly love can crumble when you struggle for your daily livelihood. If you are someone who is looking to buying a house and skeptical about tying the knot with the one you love, don’t think. 

Take the plunge and both your dreams would be fulfilled in one go, you never know. Aditya Birla Housing Finance Limited is there to ensure that you find your dream house

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