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Arvind Kejriwal Doorstep Delivery Services for Delhi Residents

March 5, 2019 Comments (0) Views: 22 Real Estate News

30 More Doorstep Delivery Services for Delhi Residents

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Elections are just around the corner in India, every political party is trying hard to gain the trust of voters. Prime Minister Modi is touring the entire nation and striking the opposition back for constant criticism from the Congress. Aam Admi Party is also not behind in the line and has come up with the second phase of its doorstep delivery services.

From February 1st this year, AAP is providing 30 more services for the residents at home of Delhi residents. The newly added services include getting a new class of vehicle to their license, booking tour packages of Delhi Tourism and booking tour packages of Delhi Tourism and Transportation. Development Corporation, bus passes, license for chemist shop etc.

In September 2018, chief minister Arvind Kejriwal launched the first phase of this project under which the Government sahayaks provide help to the residents at their doorstep delivery services. In the first phase, 40 services were launched and this year the total number of services has reached 70 with 30 new services being launched in 2019. Also, 30 more services will be added in the third phase.

The 40 public services launched in the first phase cover revenue, transport, labor, Delhi Jal Board, food and civil supplies departments. The Aam Admi Party decided to launch the 30 more doorstep delivery services after getting an overwhelming response in phase one.

“In a reply to an RTI filed by The Indian Express, the government said that month-wise service requests received in September, October and November were 37,395, 31,342 and 16,631 respectively,” a report of Indian express claimed.

The highest number of requests so far has been received for caste (OBC) certificates, followed by requests for learner’s license.

How it works?

Doorstep Delivery Services for Delhi Residents

The scheme is made quite easy and feasible for the residents of Delhi so that they can avail all the benefits of it. A person can request the government sahayaks (helpers) by calling in dedicated helpline number, 1076, which connects a person to the call center executive who notes the request made. The one who has requested the service receives a confirmation message on his phone in which schedule time and date of sahayak’s visit is sent.

For one round, sahayak charges Rs 50 wherein he successfully uploads and submits the application through the government’s e-districts portal.

Challenges in front of the government

Every huge level project goes through several ups and downs initially. Even the response of the scheme has been overwhelming but there are troubles that government faced given the scale of this project.

Mr. Gahlot showed his concern over the quality of mobile sahayaks engaged by intermediary agencies for delivery of services. The government believes that quality of mobile sahayaks need to improved for which it has instructed M/s VFS Global Services Private Limited to deploy qualified mobile sahayaks and impart necessary training to them before they go into the field.

For managing the various aspects like appointment booking, service registration, service delivery, status updates, and complaint management, the government also plans to bring in the comprehensive IT system which VFS Global Services Private Limited will soon revamp.

The government is quite positive about the project and hence is trying every bit to make it a success.

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