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July 22, 2015 Comments (0) Views: 15105 Cities & Lifestyle

Cypress Hills: Mulund’s Magical gate(a)way


“The gladdest moment in human life, me thinks, is a departure into unknown lands.” – Sir Richard Burton


What a thought!

If I say trekking, will you ever dream of thinking “Mumbai”? Yes you can let those brows to touch your hairlines, and rejoice adventure lovers. You are about to be introduced to a not-so-easy trekking trail here , in the middle of Mumbai. To reach this place, keep your starting point Mulund station which is 3 km away Cypress, hire a rickshaw and call out for “cypress” . Another option especially for a larger group is bus no. 405.



Once you start, it’s not going to be an easy trail but oodles of fun no doubt. Way up to Cypress, the path has jagged rocks and slippery slope. With leisure it will take you 45 minutes to reach the top. And Viola! The magic portal is just there. The beautiful sight coupled with the greens and the contrasting view of Vihar lake nestled amidst lush green Sahyadri hills on one side and the towering skylines of Mulund and Thane on the other. This makes up for the exhaustion otherwise and render a balmy efficacy. It gives a dissonant thought about how Mumbai could have been without the towering concrete jungles. But nonetheless a beauty by its standards this place has its way of making its way into your top 10 favorite places to visit especially during monsoon.

94128807 mulund sky


On your way up, do not miss a lazy stroll in Vasant Garden, an exuberant well manicured one. Up at Cypress, the place is full of youth and families, flocked in to binge in at some of very famous Mulund eateries located in there. From Chaats to Sandwich, Pav Bhaji, Chinese, bakeries and other goodies, you get to taste almost every appetizing quick bites. The famous IB board NES International school is located at Cypress.




It’s bliss to go up there and lay down at the peak with your friends or that special someone and watch as the clouds roll by. Take a break from the noisy city right in the middle of the city, let your hair down and enjoy the tranquil.




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