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Navi Mumbai rising: 8 infrastructural development to watch out...

March 16, 2015 Comments (0) Views: 2912 Cities & Lifestyle

City Connect: Top 6 Pathways that Fabulously Interconnect Mumbai

Mumbai, the financial capital of Mumbai, the home to over 21 million people and a dream land for many more, is always bustling, always bursting with energy. The millions of people living in the city commute every day, to go to work, college, meet up friends, family and the list goes on. People who travel are like the pulses of our city and the roads and trains are like the veins and arteries, penetrating every nook and corner of the city, connecting every road to the other.


The way the roads connect is simply beautiful enough as they are interconnected and interdependent. If one road is blocked, the other roads are affected. Much like the fibres of veins in a leaf.

Listed below are the top seven pathways that interconnect Mumbai fabulously, reliving us of the long hours stuck in traffic, reducing the time to commute to one place to the other and sometimes even proving to be joy rides.


  1. The Eastern Freeway


The eastern freeway is just what the traffic between Chembur to Fort. With the North end of the freeway at Ghatkopar, the freeway is signal and toll free. It stretches over a span of 16.8 kilometres till the Southern end at South Mumbai. The heavy duty traffic isn’t allowed on the freeways, thus it makes for an amazing highway for people looking to cross distances of hours within  minutes and enjoy a little joy ride.

  1. Santacruz- Chembur Link Road (SCLR)


Although this road flyover was criticized for the innumerable delays and no commitment to deadlines, the Road was worth the wait.  With Mumbai being a geographically vertical city, most of the road and train routes connect North to South, but this road connects the city horizontally. This road also has India’s second double decker flyover. It runs over 6.45 km from Santacruz East to Chembur, by crossing over the Methi River. It has been a boon to Navi Mumbaikars with their travelling time reduced for 90 minute to just over 17 mins.

  1. Bandra-Worli Sea Link

3 (1)

Officially called Rajiv Gandhi Sea Link, this sea link is beautifully hazy during the day and dreamy when lit up at night. But it’s not just its beauty but also the accessibility of the bridge that makes it spectacular. Reducing the commute time from over an hour to just 20 mins of brilliant views and amazing roads just makes it a blessing for ever Mumbaikar ever stuck in traffic at the business centre.

  1. Airoli Bridge



The suburbs of Mumbai were growing at pace with Navi Mumbai with harmony. Slowly, a need to connect these two places was formed and the Airoli Bridge came into talks. It is a direct link between Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. An alternative to the Vashibridge, this is the second route which we can take to go to Mumbai. As izarre as it sounds, Airoli creek is often touted as one of the best birding sites in Mumbai, and these bird flock are often found around the bridge and that makes the ride a beautiful one.

  1. J.J Flyover


Closely lined with houses and passing through a labyrinth of old buildings, The Makhdoom Ali Mahimi Flyover or better known as the J.J. Flyover is one of the longest flyovers in Mumbai. Before this flyover was constructed, free movement and travelling in this ares was near to impossible. It was one of the most congested neighbourhood with hawkers, vendors, buses, cars, handcarts and pedestrians taking over this area. But this flyover is now a blessing to anyone wanting to travel from J.J. Hospital to CST.

  1. Ghatkopar- Ghansoli link road


This corridor connecting Ghatkopar and Vikhroli to ghansoli and Koparkhairane is much awaited owing to the humongous amount of real estate developments sprouting up at Ghansoli and Dombivili areas. This connectivity will also boost the link to coastal road, which will run up to JNPT. Some part of the bridge is already operational whereas the majority is yet to be completed.

The housing rates at Vashi stands between 15,000 to 17,000 psf. Post completion of the link road, Ghansoli and Dombivili would witness a steep rise of the per square feet rates in the areas and level it at par with that at Vashi. Benefiting tremendously out of this connect would be the emerging smart city- Palava by Lodha group as it becomes a centralized location of the job triangle of Mahape, Thane and Kalyan.


All this years of growing and learning, Mumbai’s infrastructure is still under growth. Many more such ‘treats’ or blessings to daily commuters are making like much easier in Mumbai. We don’t have an infrastructure to boast about, but we sure do have a spirit of growing to boast about.

And that’s what keeps Mumbai moving, every pulse felt in every corner of the city, wrapped under the protection of Mumbaikars.


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