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January 1, 2015 Comments (0) Views: 3087 Homesfy Blog

Asavari Pall- A Modern Mom and Your Home Buddy!!

It’s funny how the most basic questions sometimes completely throw you. Someone asked me just yesterday what property means to me. Having just purchased my dream home a year back, it got me thinking. Location location location!! Isn’t it what we have always heard about property? It’s all about the location. A study of the proximity to modes of transport, schools and entertainment avenues follows. The commute to work and hobby classes gets taken into account. Well, once you have narrowed your location down to a manageable radius, you have to grit your teeth and start the actual search for the ideal house. Then words like carpet area versus saleable area, loading, and floor rise get thrown around. Next come the array of amenities. Each property boasts of everything under the sun. Once you get pastall that, the nail biting, gut wrenching topic of budgeting comes up. You count and recount all the money
you have in the world. I’ll let you in on a secret here, no matter how many times you count it, your money does not miraculously grow over the exercise. Home loan options and rates, CIBIL scores and a world of pain later, you just go on to realize that your dream abode is just out of reach.

That leads to a panic attack and bad dreams of how this property, that you  took more than a year to find, may just slip out of your fingers. You get down and dirty, and beg borrow and steal. Now the real deal begins (read:negotiations). If you survive that, and though it feels like you won’t but trust me you do, you go back to the budgeting table. Some more number crunching later, you finally end up in a hell hole called the registrar’s office.  You come out of there with a blue thumb, even though you can sign your name, and are now a proud owner of a property A year down the line you are sitting with a friend and a simple question makes you wonder what your property means to you. Is it the tax saved over the year? Or the appreciation the property has hopefully given you already? But you actually come to realize that none of the things you took into account while buying the place, really matter anymore. It is home. It is the small dusty nook that you hope no one notices. It is the football shaped mud stain on the wall that was created out of excitement by your son after a victory on the field. It is where your kids fight. Where you argue with your spouse only to make up again. Where your friends show up unannounced, and relatives stay over. Where your life actually takes place. You realize that all said and done, it is the place where you rest your head at night and the worries just melt away.

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