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Mumbai Local: The city’s lifeline

March 16, 2015 Comments (13) Views: 5262 Cities & Lifestyle

Animal Welfare: 6 Organizations in the city that save the strays

‘If having a soul means being able to feel love and loyalty and gratitude, then animals are better off than a lot of humans.’ – James Herriot

We say that humans are smarter than animals, but animals do the smarter thing as they let bygones be bygones. Animals are incapable of hatred and revenge, the only thing an animal knows is to how to love and keep loving endlessly and unconditionally.

We as humans find it so difficult to forgive someone who mistreated us, but yet when you mistreat animals, they only love you back. Be it a roadside stray, your cat, dog or any pet, it doesn’t know the limits of love. Animals don’t hate. We’re supposed to be better than them, and be better towards them.

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How many times have we smiled because of the love animals showered upon us? How many times can you thank them for moments filled with happiness? How many times will you be able to repay them for all the love? The answer to these questions can’t be given in numbers or words, only your actions will do them justice.

‘We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals.’- Immaneul Kant

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The earth was made not to home just humans, but all beings. We can say that in this cacophony of life we’ve lost the touch of loving animals who are searching for freedom and love as much as we are. Although life in Mumbai is fleeting by the minute, we still find time to play with the strays and co-exist with the animals.

Every ying has a yang. While the hearts of the Mumbaikars are made of gold, there are a few who care about no one but themselves. These humans are the most dangerous species on this planet. The animals have equal rights to live on this earth, to be loved, to live and let live. And the people who have forgotten this need to learn compassion, and share it.

Listed below are a few Animal NGO’s who are working towards bridging the gap between animals and humans.

  • Ahimsa Hospital9455_549114355100715_202389232_n
  • before-after

Ahimsa is a Non-Government Organization (NGO) that emphatically works at the grass root level with stray animals giving them a healthier environment to live our concrete jungle. It has saved over 100,000 innocent lives and sterilization of 26,000 strays has made this city healthier for not just animals but humans too.


Helpline number : +91-22-28804195


  • Animal Lovers Association Society (ALAS)

images (5)    s request

Founded in 2004, this association functions between Mira Road to Bandra in the suburbs of Mumbai. They help in sterilizing animals, and are promoting vegetarianism. The condemn cruelty to animals in any way and their illegal slaughtering and inhuman living lifestyle.


Helpline number: 28761313-(ALAS OFFICE)


  • In Defence of Animals (IDA)


Their belief is that treating animals differently is equivalent to racism and sexism. Not only they function in and around Navi Mumbai, their ambulance services run on the streets every day. This was the first nurturing association in Navi Mumbai.

Helpline number: 32681419


  • Bombay Society for Prevention Of Cruelty to Animals (BSPCA), Parel-

2nd  Day Bird First Aid Camp Wing Cut Pigeon Pics (1)Animal-health_1

The BSPCA is a charitable organization, active since 1874 and it caters out to the safety and welfare of  any and every kind of animals, be it dogs or cats or cows or mules, monkeys, birds and even turtles. The sole purpose is to stop cruelty against the creatures and create public awareness on the same. The animal hospital works 24×7, treating an average number of 400 animals per day. You can reach out to this organization every time you chance upon starving or tortured animals.

Helpline- +91-22-24137518 | 24135285 | 24135434


  • PAWS ( Plant and Animal Welfare Society), Airoli- 


The organization narrates a story at it’s Facebook page as– PAWS received a call from Kalpesh Pate (14), a school student and animal lovers from Bhandup who spotted a bird Owl which was entangled on thread at Airoli, Navi Mumbai while they went to play cricket with his friends at group near Airoli Bridge. PAWS-Mumbai volunteer rushed to the spot and rescued the bird and cut all the thread which was entangled on bird leg. Later in night it will be release free. Sunish Subramanian Kunju, Hony. Animal Welfare Officer said the bird was entangled on glass coated thread which is been use for flying kite.

Helpline- 022 2596 8314, 9833480388


  • Save Our Strays, Oshiwara-

AP_romanian_stray_dogs_jef_130913_16x9_992  pet-adoption-before-and-after-4__880SOS was found by Shirley Advani in November 2003 on the purpose of vaccinating, sterilizing, treating and finding a caring home for the strays in our city. Just when you think of helping some of the poor ill treated strays in and around your locality, call the organization to extend a holistic help towards them.

Helpline- +91 9820141310

These associations along with many others like All India Animal Welfare Association (AIAWA), Welfare Of Stray Dogs (WSD) etc. play the role of knights for the distressed animals. They help the helpless animals and also take care of the ones that have been adopted by humans. They give voice to the silence of the animals.

Not only does Mumbai have a number of Associations to help these harmless animals, but the people living here help them on a personal level.


Make your actions count. How could one even possible think of the wilderness as a dangerous place? It is a beautiful place inhabited by beautiful creatures. The only thing dangerous out there are weapons of destruction cast by man. Be it the king of the jungle or a miniscule ant, they will not harm you until you invade their space with evil intentions. They will strive to have peace but it’s the humans that shift the balance of nature.

After all the atrocities against them, the animals will still come nuzzle on your laps, lick you, and play with you. Even the tiniest ant will change its course. The animals live and let live. They teach us lessons that education couldn’t teach us. They’re the smarter ones out there.

Mumbai, the beating heart of Bollywood is a home to many Bollywood stars who are the role models of Mumbaikars. We look up to them. The Stars know their impact on people and their hearts have melted towards these innocent creatures. Many of the famous celebrities have taken the responsibility to help the animals and create a change.


‘Adopt, Don’t Buy’ is a drive initiated by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), had many A class celebrities of the glamourous Mumbai life as their ambassadors. They have not only influenced people to adopt a stray rather than buy a pet, they themselves have adopted strays and made a difference.

3-Vivek-Oberoi-1    4 Siddhanth Kapoor-10

Give an animal a home. If you can’t adopt one, or help anyone else adopt one, atleast give it a place in your heart and mind, so that it starts to get the life it deserves. It doesn’t have to be a breed of animal, a stray is as much as a pet as your own dog.


The kindness of Mumbaikars towards animals doesn’t stop here. Every day a new heart warming story rises up that makes us be compassionate about the animals who don’t have homes. Everyday a new stray finds a place in the hearts of mumbaikars, every day we make our city a better place, not just for us humans, but for animals as well. One look into their Big eyes and you can see yourself in them.

Can a cat’s purr or a wagging tail of a dog help you become more human?



The unconditional love, the loyalty, the way they place your life over theirs, the way they make you laugh and smile are the ingredients of the world’s best medicine against stress and depression. Takin responsibility of an animal teaches you how to own up to your own responsibilities. Pets teach you companionship, they make you active and keep your mind working.

Running your hand through your pet’s furr relaxes it, it calms your nerves and it reduces blood pressure. There is something rejuvinating about coming home to a pet that treats you like the centre of his world. They give you all the love and bask in the attention you give them. The way the close their eyes and purr under your touch makes everything better.

The greatness of a community and its progress can be judged by the ways it’s animals are treated. Compassion to animals, giving them their rights, hearing out their pleas is all a reflection of a greater moral of the human soul. It is a privilage to have an animal love you.





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