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Palava 150

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Ashish Kukreja

Homesfy Champions

January 30, 2015 Comments (0) Views: 1487 Homesfy Blog

Aamir is a man who loves the concept of togetherness.

Aamir is a man who loves the concept of togetherness. His choice of residence has always been the one where his family could stick together in good or bad times. His childhood was the time when technology hadn’t conquered the human race, and this reflects in his choice of locality he has chosen for his residence. He has always lived and grown up with his family.

He lives with his wife, Kiran Rao and his infant son Azaad, in one of the sparkling flats of the Bella Vista Apartments in Bandra, in Mumbai. He has grown up in Bandra with his sisters Farhat and Nikhat, his brother Faisal, and cousin Mansoor Khan.

His present abode spreads over a lavish 5000 sq.ft area. Until that time, when he was wedded to his first wife Reena, Aamir had capitalized in a 1000 sqft two bedroom apartment for the two of them along with their son Junaid. Later he bought two larger flats in the same building and joined them to make a single contiguous apartment. He is a man of altruistic tastes. His apartment holds an amazing concoction of Asian and European elements. It has got Mangalore tiles and charpoy in an eccentric combination with European designer seating; giving the flat a chic and modish texture. Aamir wanted to make certain that his house captures the greenery of nature by joining large windows through which the scenic wooded area of Pali Hills can be seen.

Bandra is an ages old famous place in Mumbai. North of Bandra, lies the fairly new, Carter Road promenade. Opened in 2002, this one kilometre stretch of promenade, is surrounded by mangroves. Several projects have been ongoing over the yearsto beautify it.Because of its sea-facing apt location in the Bandra (west) suburb, Carter Road has some high-priced residential zones. Carter Road Promenade is located on the west side of Bandra along the Arabian Sea. The alley is 4,800 feet long with a trifling chess-board ground, a large gazebo, a vermin-compost bed and a jogging track, a park and as well a lovers’ point. The promenade was renovated in 2008 as part of the bigger movement in the city of Mumbai to recover public spaces and to safeguard Mumbai’s coastline.

Carter road features a posh promenade for its sanitation and beauty. Apart from the walkers and joggers, Carter Road also appeals the cafe crowd, as it is lined by numerous fashionable restaurants and coffee shops. Mumbai remains home to the Bollywood stars- their dreams, aspirations and happiness.




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