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September 7, 2015 Comments (0) Views: 1569 Home Decor

7 Services to opt for while Home Shifting

Shifting is and has been a cause for those added wrinkles on your faces. Hands down, shifting can be one of the most tedious most jobs to do. Shifting your entire world from end to another, however near, cannot be easy. Starting from your furniture to fragile goods, clothes to car it all has to be moved and systematically at that. Trying to do everything alone can make things chaotic and serpentine.  Helen Keller rightly says “alone we can do so little, together we can do so much”. Getting a bit of outside help to carry on this huge “project” of shifting can makes things much more congenial and serene. Here are some services you can go for while you plan to shift:

Packers & Movers

Boxes and decors stacked in room

If you ask me, packing has been a cause of nightmare for me since forever and I’m sure many of you share the similar phobia of shifting, whether it is locally or otherwise. So, whoever said “let’s face all fears” can say that to the huge pile of clothes and crockery towering over you like a mountain. But thankfully, various startups n companies are ready to give a helping hand for you to pack and move your things, without any damage done to them. Keep these tips in mind.

  • Get as much quotations from various companies. Will help you select good products at optimized services.
  • Make sure they use good boxes to pack your products. No stuffing or stacking of goods.
  • Rely on professionals. they are much more hassle-free and helpful.
  • Loading of goods another important factor. They should be loaded such that they don’t end on falling or missing from the transport. And also unloading it at the right destination is utmost.
  • Fragile items are too be properly bubble wrapped or placed in Styrofoam packing , depending on the need.
  • In case of damage, the company should be able to claim its insurance.
  • Also helping you unpack is their duty , so stay relaxed.

Vehicle Shifting


Whether you have one or two or howsoever many number of cars, they are your favorite and you will not want your babies to get hurt while shifting. Taking up services to transport you car, especially if it’s a shift from your city to other is much more reliable and hassle-free.



Warehousing can be made available to you if you intend to shift later on to your new house but still need to keep your things safe and secured for long and short period of time.  There are many such storage facilities available for your convenience. Kindly , look at their terms and conditions and safety/ insurance policy before booking.

Pre-move-in Pest Control Service


It’s a different excitement to shift to a new house with your children and pets. But one must make sure that they shift to a disease free and clean neighborhood.  But, it may be that before you shift to your new home the older residents(mosquitoes, rats, critters and roaches..uughh) are still lurking around. Go on and choose from the infinite pest control services. To protect your family from them.

Telephone and communication installation


It’s always a good idea to get all your connections-landline, DTH, Internet, electricity, cable and other services before you move in. you might need to contact important people once you move in. it is also added advantage as you work your way into settling into your new house and your kids are kept busy watching tv or playing games.

In-home Security installations


if you are moving into an individual house or a n office or shop even, you may need security services. Starting from state-of-art CCTV(s) to monitoring the visitors it is one of the vital most services. If you are relocating office, although exciting, may need special attention of security. There are many important computers, machines, laptops which you may need to protect along with documents and safes. A good security service helps you out.

Handyman Services


From drilling, bath and kitchen fittings, electrical installations, finishing and repair, flooring and roofing, etc. are the basic handyman services you cannot move-in to your new home without. Post these you would feel the need for several augmented installations to suit your family’s needs. Count this service in your pre- move in itinerary and bank on a thorough professional handyman service provider that gives you good rates.

Your home-buying is technically incomplete sans these helpings and what better if you get it all in a package that lives up to your standard and does not burn a hole in your pocket? Homesfy offers you crisp packages and individual pre and post move- in services, tailored to fit your family’s needs.

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