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February 5, 2015 Comments (0) Views: 1840 Cities & Lifestyle

7 reasons why Mumbai still is our favourite pad

Mumbai offers enough to leave an ineffaceable mark on your life. Lifestyle, education, home and career. Here are some of the top 5 reasons why we think Mumbai still is our favourite pad:

1. Mumbai is the melting pot of eerie aspirations.


Dig into the performer in you, bring out the creative artist; whether you aspire to become a film-maker, photographer, painter, writer, techie, an actor, a strategist or an entrepreneur, the city has something to offer for everybody. With substantial opportunities, movement of economy, the hub of finance, marketing and Indian cinema, Mumbai is an essential platform for your ambitions and eccentricities. Every day, hordes of people are dropped off the jam-packed express trains running into Mumbai, many of them have uncanny aspirations, and Mumbai gives them a warm welcome.

2. Stressed? Turn towards the sea!

Common Man at Worli Sea face Mumbai India

Amidst the rush and pace, the gentle laps of Mumbai’s coastline is a place to roost. Whether you laze around the sidewalks of Marine drive, step into the waves at Juhu Chowpatty, sip in chilled coffee by Carter road or indulge in the opulent views of Worli-Sea face, every single strand of weariness is wrecked and your body is relieved of stress.

  1. Opportunities


There is something for everyone. When it comes to education, Mumbai has a wide range of schools and colleges, institutes teaching management, arts, technology and performances. Every day the city finds innumerable teenagers and early twenties flocking in to pursue the subject of their interests. The city observes tremendous movement of economy that fosters opportunities in the field of education, live projects, internships, trainings and some of the best job openings.

  1. It knows what diversity means

India Mumbai Attacks

In Mumbai, each day has a different meaning. Mumbai is one of those handpicked cities which entails the people from different ethnicities, races, cultures and traditions. The city is driven by the ingenious people from Gujarat, the intellects from Bengal, the passionate people from Delhi and Punjab, the erudite South Indians. Mumbai holds the title of being India’s most cosmopolitan city. Between Hindus, Muslims, Parsis and Christians, it has over 30 official holidays a year. That’s indeed a month right there!

  1. Lifestyle


This island city is home to Bollywood. It is also home to very stylish people who do not compromise on anything ranging from apparel, footwear, entertainment, commute, accessories, health, leisure, furniture, daily goods and durable. Hence, there are shops! Literally everywhere and collectively they sell everything. Branded, non- branded, luxury to budget friendly, trending and user friendly items are available at every corner of the city.

  1. Never stay hungry


You’d never be forgiven for questioning the food of Mumbai. Tantalizing Vada-pavs, mouth watering chaat, and fabulous slices of 100% milk-made Parsi Kulfis-they’re just enough to give you an unforgettable experience. The tangy, extra-spicy Pav Bhaaji at Sardar’s, the lip-smacking paani puri at Elco’s and the Bhel Puri at Juhu beach define Mumbai’s spicy street-food. If you don’t seal up your vocal cords, you’ll be back tomorrow! The “Vodka paani puri” is a 21st-century innovation. Several cafes like the Mondegar, Britannia, Leopold, Candies are favourite hangouts to the youngsters.

  1. ‘Work hard, party harder’, was probably coined exclusively for MumbaiPint-2_2503605b

Whether you leave office at 6pm or 11pm, you would never whine of being bored or jobless. Go clubbing across the wide array of clubs and pubs at Juhu, Bandra, Worli, Colaba. Mumbai offers full body of evening and Night life experience, the sparkling restaurants and clubs across SoBo, western suburbs and Navi Mumbai spice up and add vigour in support of the statement.




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