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Education: Top 7 Schools in Thane and Navi Mumbai

Dhirubhai Ambani International School- Bandra East

March 31, 2015 Comments (2) Views: 3386 Job and Education

7 Reasons to Intern with a Start-up


Internship is the best way to get closer to your dreams and passion. The internship programs provide quality experience and open the gate to a successful future. Internships can be done by people of any age group. However students are seen as active participants. The work experience over the internship period gives them the golden opportunity to explore their interests and make the correct career choice. Internships with big companies can surely be a pretty addition to the resume, but working with start-ups provides exposure to a lot more variety.


Most internship programs with start-up companies do not pay a big bulk of cash or reward you with a swanky brand name instead, they offer you a mix of independence and fun at work, learning experience, a platform of challenges and the mosaic of exposure provided by them cannot be bought by money.

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Here are the reasons why you should definitely put a blossoming company at the top of your internship preference list:

  1. Responsibilities

Start ups usually have a lot to do. This ensures the interns have numerous responsibilities. A single intern gets to handle variety of work. This obviously can prove to be big boost to your experience channel. For example, some interns dealing with content writing are often associated with social media marketing as well.


2. Placement Offer


The new companies are always looking for quality man power- talented, eager to learn and deliver and youthful employees. Hence through these short term internship programs the company observes your work standards. If your work speaks big about you, there is good chance for you to jump from an intern to an employee.


3. Ideas & Creativity


The works provided by big companies are often restricted. The interns are expected to work strictly according to their employee’s orders. The scenario is different in start-ups. The institution is always open for new ideas and highly appreciates your creative side.

4. Impressive job profile:

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Most of these beginner companies wouldn’t make you “get coffee”.  You might not get attractive stipend. To compensate this and to appreciate your dedication, they often bestow generous job description. This tremendously impresses interviewers by making your resume hugely attractive. Some names you can get associated with are – Associative director, Head of marketing department etc.


5. Variety of jobs:

MultitaskAs the responsibility increases, the work assigned also expand.Even the low-post interns have a big role to play. Plus, if you are successful in providing quality work then your workload will substantially hike.


6. Youth energy:

The atmosphere of a new established institute is completely different from the old names. They normally have young and energetic employees, who have great enthusiasm and passion towards their work. These kinds of work space are fun and you can see yourself fitting in perfectly.


7. Guidance & Supervision


In start-ups the interns receive thorough guidance and supervision from their mentors. The big companies lag in this criterion. They expect their interns to provide standard work by themselves. If the work is not up to the company’s expectation then the interns have to do it all over again. The new institutions often sit with their interns and guide them to fulfill the work expectations.

Start ups are libraries for beginners, learn, create and deliver. You have your entire life to fill your bank account and decorate the resume. So this summer instead of knocking the door of larger companies for internship acceptance, become a super intern at a start-up!


By the way,  Homesfy is HIRING! Send in your resume at the below contact and relax as we get back to you with exciting Summer Internship Job Offers!

Sampurna Chawdhary


[email protected]


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  1.' Ansuman Kar says:

    This is lovely perfect…keep writing….hone ur skills….

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