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7 Budget Home Decor Ideas

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Who says only interior designers can help deck up your house? Not only does it set you back by a hefty amount but also they will create designs and furniture, according to their artistic feel .Your home and their art styles. Doesn’t go along well right ? So here are some 7 inexpensive ways to decorate your heavenly abode unlike any other.

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Yes , you got it right . Lights, it is. Lighting, can either make a room or break it. Lights set up the mood of the room. Investing on lower-tone and low-wattage lights, can change you from being restless to romantic . Modern or antique inspired lighting to mirrored scones provide a sleek and simple yet classy decorative element to your space. Soft-tone light such as dimmers give a soothing feel . If dimmers aren’t the option , then it’s convenient to try out a three-way bulb with varied wattages , as light can be changed according to the mood , without flipping the switch in or out. Talking bout lights, you cannot miss out on candles and canvas lanterns.


Go Green :

living-room-flower-box  interior-decorating-with-indoor-plants-8 tray   balcony-design-with-plants-600x450

No , this isn’t an environment protection glass . But , going green , (P.S greenery ) , in your living space , will definitely soothe your mood at any point of the day . Indoor plants and décor bushes in areas like the living space and deck sets a balmy and light mood. Simple green foliage is easy to tend to and also lasts longer than flowers . A single palm leaf or a lissom flax in a giant vase , will definitely stand out . It gives out a rich and simple appeal at the same time . Few herbal plant pots near your windowsill will give a svelte touch . Use the small planters to decor your coffee table and study spaces.


Floor-focus :

hardwood-master-bedroom-flooring    10163__Bedroom-designs-for-men-1024x691 black-ceramic-wall-tiles-for-living-room    Rugs-for-Living-Room-13

Floor is your Earth at home . Floors need your attention . Your decorated or framed walls will only look better if the flooring is graceful . Wooden flooring is in. Easy maintenance and oodles of style. Replacing old, boring floors with ceramics would add in panache. Both of the flooring options are easy to your pocket. To ensure elegance and a complete look, place area rugs, available in different shapes , sizes and styles. These help in managing small spaces and lashings of elegance.


Store-space :

800443146347B   solid-heartbeech-natural-oiled-solid-wooden-storage-bedhome-office-under-stairs-storage1      kitchencab-tallpullout

Living in compact spaces , does lead to the need of storage spaces . This is done , either by building up or down . Tall, ceiling height wardrobes give a dramatic appeal to the room , it feels larger. Ensure the doors and separator is made up of glass, this gives an illusion of larger space. Space underneath the bed is always under utilized . Use it to store stuff you want to keep out of sight . Storage ducks can be carved out from the side-walls and decorated to give a creative look to the room. Use the unused/ leftover spaces in the kitchen as hidden pantries. Don’t forget to throw in some storage ottomans in your living and bed.


Old is Gold :

Natalie-Dalpias-DIY-Bench-171      rustic-furnitureEnglish-Antique-Furniture-Styles     how-to-use-old-junk-in-home-decor-20

Decorate your leaving spaces , with remnant furniture pieces . You would have them, in some or the other shapes and sizes, leftover, perhaps at your parent’s place or native. Get these bygones to fill up some of your interior spaces. A timeless dining table, artifact, a frayed painting, a robust bench or granddad’s armchair would append to the look of your house . It might become one of the signature pieces . A gothic piece of drapes as your curtains will definitely lead your home back to the past of sanctity.


Smart Revamps:



Old door converted to home entry bench

It is always better to carry out simple fixes rather than completely getting rid of the old junks or worn out furniture. Leather furniture can be brought back to life by simply polishing it with olive oil . Chairs and furniture can be moulded to form different designs . Styles can be changed through spray paints and getting in new fabrics . Scratches on your wooden floor and furniture can be cleaned up using an almond . These inexpensive solutions won’t set you back too much and also give a new look to your house , every time something crumbles.


Trending Shelves:

lighted-vertical-wall-shelf-102052470-hero   unique-decorating-ideas-for-walls3


Use the wall spaces of your kitchen, living, study and bedroom for smart and chic storages named shelves. Add tincture to your spaces by contrasting the shelf colors and their patterns to your furnishings and wall color. Choose them as per your taste and utility. Place nothing more than some books, glass, décor pieces and small indoor plants on them to accentuate your interiors on a budget.


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