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Swachh Bharat: Sparkling Clean India

August 10, 2015 Comments (1) Views: 2353 Homesfy Blog

69th Indian Independence Day

You have to dream before your dreams can come true”


Indian Independence Day as explained by Wikipedia states, ’Independence Day, celebrated annually on 15th of August, is a national holiday in India commemorating the nation’s independence from the British Empire on 15th of August, 1947. India attained independence following an Independence movement ….’

Everyone knows this, all of it. We Indians know much about our history (thanks to our history textbooks) and are offended easily when anyone else tries to explain it to us all over again. So, allow me to excuse myself from it and let’s use this “auspicious” moment of the 69th Independence Day, to analyze a few things. Here are 10 things that have changed for good or bad, over all these years:

  1. Our Neighbors


Independence Day of 1947 had freed millions of hearts and broken million others. The Indo-Pak partition, the fights with Nepal and Bangladesh had at some point left a bitter after-taste. Now, after 69 years, things are different. We have a better understanding, if not the best of our neighboring countries. Our very controversial dispute with Pakistan has left landmark judgments and discussions in worldly affairs. True it is, they aren’t our enemies. Post independence, both the countries have exchanged views, ideas, people, music and culture. Yet the border disputes remain unsettled, every passing day of may-hem we are still struggling to amend and secure the lives and sentiments of people at both the ends. Recently, the land disputes with Bangladesh have been resolved. Yet the nagging hot and cold relationship with People’s Republic of China continues. That bitter after taste hopefully may be turning into a sweet linger.


  1. Indian Economy-the change for better and for worse


India has been a developing country for quite a long time now. So, is there any change in our condition? Yes, obviously.  Not only has the standard of living of the people changed, but our trade transactions with the countries have changed too. More exports and comparatively lesser imports show how India is getting better at this. The FDI entry in the market has resulted to more and more eminent international brands flooding the Indian market, reaching the households and capturing the likes of every other people in the country. India is considered as the most fetching and emerging market in the world by most investors and business hose magnates. Yet, the business and liberalization has resulted in the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer.


  1. Educating by smart learning


Tell me one place across the world where you wouldn’t find Indians in the intellectual and educated lot. Education, which was a prime objective of our freedom fighters, has now become our birth right. People have realized the importance of education and with proper exposure, are pursuing the rightful courses thereby excelling in their respective fields. India has always been in abundance of geniuses, all that was needed was a quarry to find that diamond and a refinery to make it shine! Education in India has now turned this vision into reality.


  1. Gender equality or gender policing?


Social media has played an important role when it comes to gender rights. From confining a woman to the kitchen and a man to the office, we have reached to a point where either of them can handle both with equal power and agility. We are yet to reach our best, but we are definitely moving at the good speed when it comes to gender equality. A girl can now be the best sportsman, can drive and a guy can sit on a seat reserved for women without guilt. (At some places at least!)


  1. Secularism is now in existence


Maybe it was Chak De! India’s try out scene or maybe it was the common shelter for all during the 26th July floods, every citizen of India now introduces himself as an Indian, a human. Except a few old fanatics, India has travelled past its anti-secularist laws and the effect can be seen amongst the younger generation. Being friends with all other HUMANS and marrying their love and not their caste-mate shows that we are truly a secular state today. We, the younger lot, have really come a long way, shed every inhibition and now, celebrate, eat, laugh and befriend barring caste, creed and religious impediment.


  1. Indian culture or western adaptation?


On one hand, we have stopped blindly following superstitions, and on the other, we have started dropping off our parents to the old age homes just because everyone else does that. We have stopped judging people based on the clothes they wear but we have let social media take control over our life, our emotions and our happiness.


  1. ‘Swades’ is actually showing its effects!


India is getting her lost sons and daughters back! Indians who during one time had settled abroad for better job opportunities are now moving back home. It has led to two things: more job opportunities and a technologically rich India.


  1. Mother Nature; we care!

Map-forest final-sa

Global warming has started showing its effects and now suddenly every person is nature enthusiast. On a positive note, India has been taking steps for healthier environment, which is why annual afforestation has increased from 0.22% in 1990-2000 to 0.46% in 2000-2010. Just so you did not know, India has the 10th largest forest reserves in the world!


  1. Healthy India, Wealthy India!

1 (1)

Here, healthy can be interpreted in two ways. Banning (seems a usual word now, doesn’t it?) unhealthy things like Maggi and better medical facilities all over the country. There is no need to say anything about the first interpretation but the second one gets a big smile on the faces of so many poor, old, helpless and diseased people. With good government subsidies and facilities, more lives are being saved and more families are being spared from heavy financial covers.


  1. Yes, you can now be a sportsperson and live happily!

India's Yogeshwar Dutt poses with his bronze medal at the podium of the Men's 60Kg Freestyle wrestling at the ExCel venue during the London 2012 Olympic Games

Even though we give sports so much importance when it comes to watching it, India took a long time to appreciate sports as a career. And after the recent news wherein India won 57 medals in the Special Olympics, sportsmen are being encouraged by families, schools and even their workplaces. India is slowly learning to value all kinds of talent and is giving them the deserving respect.


No country is perfect, neither is ours. In every decade since independence, there has been one revolutionary, thought provoking Indian who has turned the face of that decade and thereafter, India. Though, one person has been constant while India got better, got happier- Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam. He has been that one constant that kept inspiring everyone to help make this country a better place. This Independence Day is therefore dedicated to the Missile man of India! For he always believed that this country will shock all the other countries with its power to turn dreams into reality. But, “You have to dream before your dreams can come true.”


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