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Exotica by Yeoor Hills

6 Offbeat Cafes in Mumbai

May 23, 2015 Comments (13) Views: 2695 Cities & Lifestyle

5 Inspiring Habits of Mumbaikars

“Motivation is what gets you started, habit is what gets you going”

— Anonymous


Mumbai is a city of reverie, aspirations and what not. Every Mumbaikar knows, if this city is very humble, welcoming, warm and embracing, it can also be tough, hectic and if one has to survive here, you need to rise above the struggle.

Many people will tell you that Mumbai is crowded, fast-paced, wild and very hot, not snug enough to live. But that is not true. Mumbai and its people know how great this city is and you will be surprised when you come to know the various inspiring habits every mumbaikar possesses. So, here’s bringing to you 5 various inspiring habits of every mumbaikar.



Yes, you heard it right. You might think that we are a highly impatient bunch of restless people, but no. A Mumbaikar practices lots of patience and if you don’t believe this, look into our local trains or the BEST busses. During those peak rush hours, you can push us, stamp on our legs, yell, and make us smell your bad breadth. Nothing but nothing will make us scream or make us loose our calm. Even those smelly underarms are not enough to make us lose harmony.



Yes, we Mumbaikars are thorough when it comes to knowing our bus or train timings. And so is the city’s means of transports (spare them during the 3.5 months of frivolous monsoon). We never say “ruko” (wait), we insist on “pudhe chala” (aage chalo). Thanks to our pace and shades of restlessness, we work long hours, travel a lot and still manage to meet deadlines and party till wee hours.

Hard Work


Mumbai is synonymous to hard work, crisis management and extravagance. Here no one sits idle. Distances in Mumbai are not very close, this island city encompasses an area of 605 So those who live at the end of the city and have to work in town, they are ready to travel every day for more than 2 hours to get to their destination. And if travelling isn’t enough every mumbaikar gets to work immediately after reaching their office.  So they are diligent, you must even notice the way we utilize our commute hours, reading, completing assignments and cutting and peeling vegetables (yes! This happens in the ladies local train compartments post 8.30pm). Take a look closely at the work schedule of every working individual, you will see men and women working from 8:00am in the morning to about 11:00pm in the night without complaining to accomplish their goals.


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A new comer in the city would find our diction or dialect to be too upfront, spot on.  We boast about how safe the city is. Yes, women, teenagers, children and men, eve- teasing is not a thing we have let go off and hence all the charlies out there dare ever put a finger on the city dwellers. In Mumbai, travelling alone and till late, hanging out with friends or even getting into a rush market place or bus is hardly ever going to land a woman in an uncomfortable situation. And by the way, we even do not carry guns.



This goes for the city as well as it’s dwellers. We look ahead, are not just satisfied with the present, we manage our work and personal life in a way, not a single day or effort goes down the drain. On an average every person here checks its schedule every night before going off to sleep. And that includes what is to be made for breakfast, mapping the time-line and utilizing every single minute of day. Life ain’t all about “joy”, culture and music but a mix of EQ and practicality.

13 Responses to 5 Inspiring Habits of Mumbaikars

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