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September 2, 2015 Comments (0) Views: 1359 Cities & Lifestyle

5 Free Apps to make your life easy in Mumbai


In a world of smartphones, how nice it would be if someone could just tell you what all you should and should not have on your smartphone! Living in the city that never sleeps isn’t that easy without a little help. Apart from the Google apps which are always at your bay, here are a 5 other apps that will make your life easier in Mumbai:



You have to have this app on your phone screen. Whether you are a foodie or a Bachelor who lives alone in Mumbai, this is your app to go to. An application that has rated restaurants and food joints in over 22 countries will make your food experience one of a kind. You can filter your search by cost effectiveness, taste and type of food, location, you distance from that location and a few more criteria.





In a place like Mumbai, where you are always short of time and data plan, Pocket will come to your rescue. This app allows you to save articles, videos, recipes and other online pages for viewing later i.e. offline.  A free app, it can make browsing easier while saving favorites for you to view at your leisure.

Expense Manager


Can’t keep a track of your expenditures? Finding it difficult to save with amount of money in hand? Expense Manager will help you hereafter. An app that keeps track of your expenditures is all you need to solve this problem.  Not just cash payments, it’ll also manage your cashless payments, making your life a little easier here.



In a city that is connected through so many routes and channels, it can get a little difficult to track the best route to your destination. M-Indicator is an app that can make your daily commute less hectic as it has time tables of the entire Railway network in Mumbai and the timings of the express trains too. Also, it allows you to keep a check on the bus timings, helps you with bus routes, bus numbers, taxi fares, picnic spots, metro tickets, etc. An app that mostly works offline and consumes minimal memory, this Is a must have in your list.

Inshorts-India News App


With office at 10 am, a train to catch at 8:15 am and with food to cook for everyone, who has the time to sit and read the newspaper? Inshorts is an app that keeps you in touch with the world in less than 60 words. After reading those short notes, you can even read the entire report in detail but you are at least acquainted the happenings around you.

What are you waiting for? Get these installed and have fun exploring these applications!


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