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April 2, 2015 Comments (23) Views: 260053 Cities & Lifestyle

26 Places to go Street Shopping in Mumbai

Looking for the matching accessories for your expensive dress, but do not wish to spend a bulk on them? Or are you in search of that perfect pair of converse that has not hit the stores yet? Or is your shopaholic instinct not getting satisfied even after your bank account is drained?

7 Zaveri Bazaar  Zaveri Bazaar for authentic jewellery

2 (1)

Crawford for its’ fresh grains, fruits, groceries, vegetables and house hold necessities at wholesale rates

Well if you are tortured by these questions and many more such shopping related ones, then no worries you are in the right city to get your answers. Mumbai is known as the shopper’s paradise. The vibrant and hugely air conditioned malls definitely play a big role to hold this tag high but shopping is incomplete in Mumbai without jumping to the streets.

5_now_which_one_shall_i_buy_for_her Linking road for the fashionesta in you


1 Colaba causeway

Colaba Causeway for exquisite indo western wear, jewelery and ethnic footwear and bags

Starting from clothes to gadgets, furniture to flowers; the street markets hold the capability to fulfillall your desire. Some people specifically travel to the city to fill their wardrobes with variety, unique and affordable products. Street markets are also the best place to get souvenirs at a good bargain rate, making them a must-visit for every tourist.

10 Urban Haat Urban Haat for ethnic decors, apparels, jewelry and food


766 Dharavi Leather Market for authentic and faux leather goods




Fashion street for daily wear 

So the next time you are bored or tired or depressed and need a quick retail therapy, then just put on a hat, grab a bottle of juice and hop on to the streets for marketing.

Here is a list of street markets to choose from:

  1. Colaba Causeway Market (Colaba Causeway,Colaba, South Mumbai):

The market highly attracts the attention of tourists. The shops provide a wide range of designs of clothing and accessory materials. If you have good eyes for fashion and a smart mouth for bargain, then your shopping spree will be a success. It is open every day from morning to evening.


  1. Crawford Market (LokmanyaTilak Marg, Fort, South Mumbai)

It is an old-style market located in the historic buildings of Fort region. The market is best known for the fruits, vegetables, flowers, poultry, and fishes available at whole sale price. It also has a section for pets and pet products.


  1. Kalamboli Market: (Sector 17,Vashi, Navi Mumbai)

If you stay in Navi Mumbai, and wish to come out to the streets for marketing, then Kalamboli Market is the best option. It is widely known for attires, shoes and accessories for both gents and ladies at comprehensive prices. The market is also popular for steel and iron products.


  1. Dadar Flower Market (Dadar West, Near Dadar Station, Mumbai)

Popularly known as the ‘phool gully’; the market is a treat to eyes with hundreds of flower shops spreading across the streets. The decorative flowers, bouquets and garlands are available here at cheap prices.


  1. Chor Bazaar: (Mutton Road, Near Mohammad Ali Road, South Mumbai)

The market is located at the center of Mumbai’s Muslim colony. It is one of the most popular and largest flea markets in the country. You can find all types of articles – antiques, hardware, silver coins, engines, jewelries, furniture, clothes, vintage items, bronze items and the list goes on. Name the product from your wildest desires and it will be available in the Chor Bazaar. Plus you get them at very cheap cost. You must polish your bargaining skills before hitting the market.


  1. Linking Road and Hill Road: (Bandra, Mumbai)

The market is a paradise for the brand oriented shopaholics. You can find everything from big named brand products to Chinese fakes. It is best known for the clothes and accessories providing a wide range of fashion products. Some unique and quirky designed footwear and accessories are available here.


  1. Zaveri Bazaar (Bhuleshwar, South Mumbai)

These are the streets that always glitter. Name any kind of jewelry – gold, platinum, antiques, silver, gems or diamond of any design and you will find it atZaveri Market. Along with quality ornaments, you can also find toys, dinnerware and furniture around the place.


  1. Natraj Market (S.V. Road, Malad West)

It is one of the most crowded places in the suburbs and is jammed with people purchasing garments, shoes, accessories, bags and many more products. The market is also popular for the mouthwatering eatables along the road sides. It is also an attractive hub for bridal shopping.


  1. Lokhandwala Market (Andheri, Mumbai):

Dying to buy pretty footwear to match the clothes in your closet? Well, Lokhandwala Market in where you belong. Replicas of branded products are widely available here. Garments, household articles and accessories can also be easily found. The streets also hold the facilities to chase away your hunger with many food stalls and McDonald’s restaurant on the side.


  1. Urban Haat (CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai)

It cannot be called as a typical street market, but the articles and shopping opportunities provided here should not be missed. It is a storehouse of numerous interesting products of fine arts and crafts. The place holds various cultural exhibitions and events throughout the year attracting citizens and tourists. Some items you can look forward to are – wooden crafts, bamboo crafts, stone art, Rajasthani painting, exquisite wall hangings etc.


  1. Dadar Saree Market (Dadar West, Mumbai)

Starting from designer sarees to daily use cotton ones, the market is the holds all the variety. Numerous colorful lenghas are also found on the streets. It is undoubtedly the best place for festive and traditional shopping.


  1. Mahatma Gandhi Market (King’s circle, Mumbai Suburban)

These streets in the harbor line are rich with delightful items for shopping. Numerous antiques, silver materials, and wide range of inexpensive jewelries attract hundreds of visitors every day. Many tourists visit the market as well.


  1. Hindmata market(Dadar, Mumbai)

If your shopping list comprises of Indian attires, then this is the spot to go! The garments – sarees, salwars, suits, lehengas, sherwanis, are all available here at wholesale rate. You can also look for dress material in the tightly jammed shops. The prices are below the market rate, but if you can bargain well then you can save a lot!


  1. Dharavi leather Market (Between Mahim and Bandra)

Dharavi is one of the largest slums in the world. However, its extensive success in the leather industry has made it popular worldwide. Today Dharavi plays an important role in the country’s economy. Here you can shop for genuine leather bags, jackets, wallets and belts of good quality and cheap price.


  1. Irla Market (Vile Parle West, Mumbai)

If you are tired of going from one place to another to check off the required articles from your list, then go straight to Irla Market where you can find everything at one place. There are 5 major Alfa stores that are popular.

  • Alfa 1 store – food supplies, snacks and packaged food items.
  • Alfa 2 store – electronics specially mobiles, jewelries of well-known brands, and other beauty products.
  • Alfa 3 store – decorative pieces, table clothes, kitchen electronics, utensils, cutlery, toys and other electronic items like TV, fridge, Digicams, DSLRs etc.
  • Alfa 4 – Formal clothing
  • Alfa 5 store – Men’s wear


  1. Fashion Street (Churchgate, South Mumbai):

It comprises of a cluster of over 385 shops aligned in one lane. It is one of the most widespread shopping destinations for the tourists and locals. The market is famous for the trendy and designer clothes, demins and accessories. The street is jammed with attractive shops of dresses, jeans, shirts, skirts, electronics, accessories, footwear, furniture and local snacks. All sizes of garments are available here at affordable price. The more you bargain, the greater profit you get!


  1. Nagpada market (Byculla, South Mumbai)

It is another major place in Mumbai to purchase leather and fabric accessories. Leather goods, wallets, pouches, belts, and jackets are some of the major products here.


  1. HeeraPanna Shopping Center (Haji Ali)

One of the oldest shopping centers in the city! The electronics and accessories will not disappoint you. The market is attracts a big crowd every day due to its popularity in the town. It’s a treasure of electronic products – mobiles, earphones, headphones, pirated CDs, play station and a lot more such goods are available cheaply.


  1. Turbhe Market (Near Railway station, Turbhe, Thane)

Shopper’s destination for quality home décor, hardware and kitchen appliances! Tiles and painting materials for houses are also found here at wholesale rate.


  1. Grant Road cloth Market (Grant Road, South Mumbai)

Numerous branded and non-branded clothing shops are located here. Plus you can also purchase readymade traditional clothes at whole sale rate. The locals are seen to purchase bags of clothing materials here for business at the outskirts of the city.


  1. Lamington Market (Grant Road, South Mumbai)

Lamington Road is famous for its wholesale market of electronic goods. The shops sell computer, television, and wireless equipment at much cost than the retail price. They are the storehouse of latest as well as outdated electronic parts. You can also find transistors, cables, radio equipment, sound cards and adapters.


  1. Chembur Market (Chembur east station road, Mumbai)

The station road is stuffed with garments, footwear, gifts, grocery, hardware, electronic and furniture shops. It’s the shopping hub for the locals and provides quality products at cheap price.


  1. Milan Shopping Center (Ghatkopar West, Mumbai)

Located very close to the Ghatkopar station, the market place is highly known for the ladies garments and kid’s wears.


  1. Airoli Sector 3 market (Airoli, NaviMumbai)

Sector 3 is the main marketing area of Airoli region of Mumbai. The area is majorly filled with book and stationary stores. However you may find all your requirements from there starting for garments to grocery.


  1. Manish Market (Marine lines, Mumbai)

The market is well-known for fancy Chinese products available at wholesale rate. All kinds of electronic products are available here – mosquito killing Rackets, MP3 players, LCD Screens, Fancy lights, crockeries, and many more. Cell phone products and accessories can also be easily spotted in the market.



  1. Ali Road

The street that never sleeps! From the break of the dawn the shop owner rush to their destinations to set up stored filled with eatables. A wide range of mouthwatering non vegetarian to vegetarian food is available here. Although the foods are major attraction; garment and accessory stores are also sprinkled along the street. It is a favorite place to shop during Ramadan Eid.

 Inside_Hindmata_Stores_one_of_the_oldest_fabric_places_in_Dadar  Dadar Saree market for its detail variety

Shopping-in-Delhi-24April2013 Lokhandwala market for trending fashion

Street shopping is exciting, fun, convenient and affordable. Plus it gives you a chance to explore the nooks and corners of the dream city. So next time for festive shopping instead of swiping your credit cards in the malls, go out on the streets and get your items at attractive prices. Or you may just try them out to satisfy your shopaholic cravings.


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  9.' Kay Geeone says:

    nice site Priyanka Dash. But I am looking for a Shopping Cart (A personal shopping basket with big wheels specially for Senior Citizens who can push it which acts as a support and they do not have to carry the weight of the shopping like even vegetables etc.) it can fit in the car boot, fold & may even have as seat to sit on. The basket can be simple rectangular of steel wires or plastic or any other soft material.

    Will appreciate if you could tell me the place to buy it. I am told the chinese made are available from Rs. 200 to 250 onwards. Thanks.

  10. Really, Mumbai is the best place for street to shopping. It is having all kind of shopping destination. You will get everything whatever you require. Mumbai is having best street food, best shopping and best place to visit.

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  12. Colaba Causeway is one of the most versatile marketing destination in Mumbai, a Mumbai traveler should visit the place at-least once.

  13.' MumbaiAbout says:

    Go to Crawford market, and they have the best of fruits. All other places mentioned are also the best in their domain.

  14.' Nishant Solanki says:

    Nice article. Helped a lot to plan my 2 day visit to Mumbai.

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    Great work, helped me (a non-mumbaikar) a lot, I felt like being at home and having a genuine friend accompanying me. On my way shopping would update more after my mission is accomplished.

  16. Very helpful and Great information,
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  17. Very helpful and Great information,
    we appreciate advise especially coming from a professional.
    Thanks again and keep up the great work!

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    Nice Article Priyanka.. Can you suggest where would I get good wholesale market for Arts & Crafts Items??

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